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Can you believe it’s December already? Have you started your Christmas shopping? What about the Christmas cards? Feeling panicked? Don’t worry, at least we’ve selected some awesome Christmas layouts for you to put on your MySpace page – here you go!

Christmas bells by EM

Our superstar EM‘s Christmas themes are all so beautiful but I especially like this one as it’s so clean and so well balanced! Love it!

Silver Stars by S.A.P.

♩Silent Night~~♪ ♫Holy Night~♬ Hey do you like these cool symbols? LOL This beautiful and solemn theme was done by another superstar S.A.P.. I think it would had been even greater if there were buttons on the contact table, but other than that, I love this theme!

let it snow by ☆Mirace☆

I stumbled upon this beautiful theme and love the color, the round corners and the image in the Basic Info box!

Winter Time Blessings by love 2 make layouts!

As always, love 2 make layouts! creates beautiful holiday themes and this one is one of her latest creation! Very dynamic and dramatic with the banner and network box images. Lovely!

Merry Christmas by Sandi

I really like Sandi‘s themes, makes you want to grab a jar of cookies and sit in front of the fireplace and relax, doesn’t it? (although in my case, it’s a bag of chips in front of the TV. haha!)

Merry Christmas by Imogeneah

This is a really cute and cheery Christmas theme! Makes you want to put those mittens on the snowman’s hands!

As always, these are only some of the themes I stumbled upon today. There are so many more beautiful Holiday themes created everyday so make sure you check them out! We appreciate all of your creativity and looking forward to seeing more!


Hope you are enjoying our BumpMe MySpace app that easily lets you send or embed any graphics on your page with one click of button!

I’ve been getting some questions from people asking how to remove duplicated stickers they accidently posted on their page. Unfortunately, MySpace doesn’t allow us to access the user’s profile to retrieve information so we can’t remove the graphics for you automatically. So removing would be required to be done manually.

Here’s how. Take a look at the section that you posted the sticker. For example, I posted 2 cat graphics on my “About me” by accident.

So, I need to click “Edit Profile” from the top navigation menu “Profile” and go to the “About me” box.

Here’s the code for the first sticker.

As you can see, all the BumpMe code starts with this code:

<br /><br /><p><p style=”text-align:center”><a href=”

and ends with

target=”_top”>Share this sticker!</a></p></p>

so compare this chunk of code with the one right after, if it’s identical, you should remove one of them and that should solve the duplicated graphics problem.

Hope this helps!

Halloween! I’m sure it’s one of your most favorite day of the year! Have you gotten the costumes to wear? And all those cool decorations to decorate your home? Oh, and don’t forget to get a Halloween MySpace layout too!! Here are some of the brand new Halloween themes and layouts created by our awesome members this year!

happy halloween 🙂 by amkenyon

This is really a great Profile 2.0 Halloween theme! It uses round corners and a double background technique, very high tech and professional!


Our superstar theme creator Yvonne did it again! One of her most recent Halloween theme that is so perfectly made – I like the black navigation bar against the orange background 🙂

Happy Halloween (animated) by love 2 make layouts!

Another superstar, love 2 make layouts created some beautiful Halloween themes for this year too! This one is especially cute if you have a Profile 1.0 layout 🙂

Witching halloween by Em

Em is our rising star! She has so many beautiful themes other than this Halloween one, so go check them out!

Haunted House by S.A.P.

If you want something traditional, you can’t go wrong with this one! I like the Profile 1.0 version, so if you haven’t upgraded to 2.0, this would be a great layout to have 🙂

Halloween is still couple of weeks away so there will be many more awesome Halloween themes to come! Let us know if you spot anything you like, we would love to share it here with our other members!

Yup, we still feature themes in case you forgot! I know it’s been a long time, but better late than never! 🙂 I found some unique Profile 2.0 themes that wanted to introduce to you. So here we go!

mmmmmm33 by different as a moonbeam from lighting

What a beautiful theme! It doesn’t even look like a MySpace layout huh? I recommend using the technique used in this theme for the background to make a professional looking layout. The background is actually very tall (1429px!) so even if you have a big monitor, you won’t see the background image get cut off on the bottom! And it’s fixed position so no matter how long your MySpace gets with all the comments from your friends, your background will stay in the same place. I like how the background image is shaping the content too. Love love love it!!

Yellow by jasmine_hernandez13

Clean and very simple but has lots of small details, such as round corners, double background, quote inside the basic info box, and a thin banner on top! Jasmine has other very similar looking themes that are equally beautiful such as the Hater theme so go check them out!

purple butterfly by eternal_u2

What a beautiful theme! It uses the double background technique with a huge image on the basic info box. All of the images are well blended and has a very soft feeling to it! Who doesn’t like butterflies? 🙂

Celadon & Black 2 by Diana

OK this is another girly theme but hey I like girly stuff! 😀 I love the color palette used in this theme very much. It would had been better if the background’s image had a wider white space to enclose the modules, but still a very beautiful theme.

retro by crystalwilson27

This double background theme is so cute!! I love the color palette and the dot pattern against the checker background – geometric but cute and pop 🙂

These are just some of the recent ones I found today but I’m sure there are many more beautiful themes out there. Please let us know when you run into a cool theme that you wanna share with other people, whether it’s someone else’s or yours! 😀

After careful consideration, we have decided to wind down the ClipClip service.

We are planning to take the following steps:

1) Close down on new registrations but still let existing members to view & clip.
2) Disable the clip button so no new clips will be made.
3) We will keep the site for only browsing for a while.
4) TBD: When the day comes when we decide on shutting down ClipClip entirely, we will provide a download link to let our members to export their clips.

We love ClipClip and are very proud of the service it has brought to our users. However ClipClip became the haven for spammers. They exploited our service to advertise their poorly made sites – some were even paying people to clip their sites. We tried very hard to fight them but to continue weeding the spam and install adequate spam prevention measures would require too much work.

Therefore, we have decided to focus on helping people explore and find items online in other ways. We are very excited about this new project and hope you will find it useful and compelling.

Many thanks to our real members (a.k.a. non-spammers) for using and supporting ClipClip for all these years! Let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment here or by using our feedback form.

We are sorry to announce that we have decided to discontinue our MySpace CoolChaser Widget. Many of our loyal fans have been asking us when they can get the widget back and that they miss it so we tried VERY HARD to get our app unsuspended. But the conditions MySpace gave us were too strict.

They told us that nothing from the app can link to our site – which means, even if you would like your friend to preview the layouts and themes you’ve created, there is no way they can preview it or use the layout – cause it doesn’t link anywhere!!

Why are they treating CoolChaser like a swine flu? LOL Like we mentioned before, they claim that they found lots of inappropriate materials on our site. I tell you, MySpace content review team knows more curse/sick words than anybody on this planet! Since the CoolChaser developers are all dorks, we were like “I can’t find that thing they mentioned!! How did they find it!” LOL

We don’t want any of our users to promote hate, violence, and porn (just enjoy porn elsewhere!) on our site which I know 99% of our users don’t. But like somebody said, “it only takes one @$$hole to ruin your day”. Especially if you deliberately look for one!

Thanks for your understanding and we would really like to thank all of our loyal fans for supporting us! We are working hard to improve our site (hey do you like the auto insert thing? Isn’t it cool?) Like always, please feel free to leave us comments/suggetion/feedbacks 🙂

Hey guys, remember we had that very convenient feature that lets you update your MySpace layouts automatically in seconds? And when we had to take it down, lots of people got mad? LOL (251 comments!!) Well, guess what, we got that feature back!! Woo Hoo!

This feature is offered through our shiny new toolbar so all you need to do is to install it (Installing is super easy btw!) and that’s it! You can change your layouts literally in seconds – we even detect what profile your are on (1.0 or 2.0) so even if you aren’t paying attention (like how I am all the time!) you still get an amazing layout at the end 😀 Of course, we replace your old CoolChaser layout automatically too so no need to delete it beforehand 🙂

Also, let us assure you that our toolbar is 100% safe with no spyware or obtrusive ads and is 100% free! You can uninstall it anytime also so give it a try, you’ll like it 🙂

As always, we would love to hear your feedback/suggestions/bugs too so feel free to leave comments!

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