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2010 is just couple of days away! Here are some of the latest 2010 New Year themes created by our awesome CoolChasers!

Happy New Years! by Zman757

Here’s a very cool New Year theme created by our rising star Zman757! His purple, green and blue themes are pretty popular too so go check them out!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 by Yvonne

Another cool theme by the famous Yvonne! It looks great for both Profile 1.0 and 2.0 but the 2.0 has a cool animated gif on the header!! How you do that Yvonne?? 😀

New Years by ♥Truely happy, Truely in Love♥

I stumbled upon this theme and liked the colorful confetti! Very cool!

Gold Happy Newyear (animated) by Em

One of CoolChaser celebrity Em‘s latest creation! Love the animated gifs!

New Year Toast & Roses by ♥CJ♥

This is a very romantic New Year theme by ♥CJ♥! Her Betty Boop New Year theme is so lovely too!

Flashing Stars by Lisa Lindsay

Another theme by our superstar Lisa Lindsay who has more than 600 themes!! This one will surely match all kinds of background so go check it out!

Thank you to all of our awesome CoolChasers for all your love and support this year! We wish you all a very happy, prosperous & creative 😉 New Year 2010!


Can you believe it’s December already? Have you started your Christmas shopping? What about the Christmas cards? Feeling panicked? Don’t worry, at least we’ve selected some awesome Christmas layouts for you to put on your MySpace page – here you go!

Christmas bells by EM

Our superstar EM‘s Christmas themes are all so beautiful but I especially like this one as it’s so clean and so well balanced! Love it!

Silver Stars by S.A.P.

♩Silent Night~~♪ ♫Holy Night~♬ Hey do you like these cool symbols? LOL This beautiful and solemn theme was done by another superstar S.A.P.. I think it would had been even greater if there were buttons on the contact table, but other than that, I love this theme!

let it snow by ☆Mirace☆

I stumbled upon this beautiful theme and love the color, the round corners and the image in the Basic Info box!

Winter Time Blessings by love 2 make layouts!

As always, love 2 make layouts! creates beautiful holiday themes and this one is one of her latest creation! Very dynamic and dramatic with the banner and network box images. Lovely!

Merry Christmas by Sandi

I really like Sandi‘s themes, makes you want to grab a jar of cookies and sit in front of the fireplace and relax, doesn’t it? (although in my case, it’s a bag of chips in front of the TV. haha!)

Merry Christmas by Imogeneah

This is a really cute and cheery Christmas theme! Makes you want to put those mittens on the snowman’s hands!

As always, these are only some of the themes I stumbled upon today. There are so many more beautiful Holiday themes created everyday so make sure you check them out! We appreciate all of your creativity and looking forward to seeing more!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we got tons and tons of new themes created every day!

Valentine Boop by ♥CJ♥

Valentines without Betty Boop is like Hamburger without fries! (I’m sorry I’m hungry now)! ♥CJ♥ is our superstar on our site who constantly creates very popular themes – thank you ♥CJ♥ for being such a loyal user!

Falling Hearts by candiesweet_24

Who likes pink? Me Me Me! Every girl in the room likes pink! This very romantic Valentines theme created by candiesweet_24 is just for you!!

Valentine damask by Tammy

Another great theme by Tammy! I really like the image of the envelop she used as the module’s background!

love sweet love by love 2 make layouts!

Here is a unique one if you aren’t really into the typical red Valentines layouts! It’s got a very warm feeling to it and I found a nice background from Photobucket that matches well! (which by the way, is repeated automatically ever since the Lost John feature was shipped out) love 2 make layouts! is our rising star and has created so many beautiful themes.

I Love You by Epic Faerie

This is a cool double background Profile 2.0 theme that is also 1.0 compatible. I like the 2.0 version better cause it’s more dynamic looking! Epic Faerie created lots of other cool Valentines themes too, so go check them out!

Happy Valentines Day by Yvonne

Very romantic and RED HOT! This uses the same heart image from Epic Faerie’s but the result looks very different doesn’t it? Yvonne has been really popular lately always on our rankings page!

I introduced the ones made this year but if you include all the Valentine’s themes from last year, I’m sure you’ll find something that matches your taste! If you are curious, this is the link to the blog that we introduced the Valentine’s themes from last year.

I know the hype is all about our Profile 2.0 release date LOL but before too late again, lemme introduce some of the great Thanksgiving themes that were created by our awesome theme creators!

thanksgiving by Sandi

Sandi is our new rising star! She has created so many beautiful Thanksgiving themes and it was so hard to pick only one! In fact, we could have just introduce all her themes here because they were all so very pretty! She already started creating Xmas themes so go check them out!

Happy Thanksgiving by Heather

Heather is another new rising star with so many great Thanksgiving themes, that I also had a hard time picking only one to feature! But no wonder because she actually is a specialist in creating beautiful primitive layouts! I love it when creators have their own distinctive style 🙂


We all know 45Steve creates awesome layouts, and here’s one that makes your stomach growl! Mmmmmm.. Turkey……with looooots of graaavy… LOL

Primitive Thanksgiving by ~ ♥ Tam ♥ ~

~ ♥ Tam ♥ ~ is also a very popular theme creator with so many beautiful Thanksgiving themes and she combines them with beautiful backgrounds. Since themes don’t usually come with backgrounds, I recommend you guys to go to her page and check out her layouts!

Thanksgiving Cute by Boutique: NOW OPEN!!

Our superstar Boutique: NOW OPEN!! keeps creating beautiful themes and here’s another great one to spice up your page for Thanksgiving day! It’s got glitter and animation – what more can you ask for! 🙂

Thanksgiving by Megan Herrick

I really like this theme by Megan because it is so colorful and pop!

Again, there are so many more wondering Thanksgiving themes, I mean the quality has been just going higher and higher everyday! When you see a theme that you really like, visit their profile page and praise them by leaving comments or giving them 5 stars! In fact I’m going to do that once I’m done blogging! 😀

I know we should have featured them earlier since now people are already creating Thanksgiving themes! LOL but better now than never! Here are some of the cool Halloween themes that was created this year (we now have TONS if you count last year’s!) – here ya go!

Halloween Forest by 45Steve

Such a beautiful theme – very professional and sophisticated looking! 45Steve has lots and lots of other beautiful Halloween themes this year, reminds me of Lost John from last year! hee hee!

Vintage Halloween by Xina

Xina is currently probably the most popular theme creator! She is super creative and I see on her page that many people are leaving comments and requests for her 🙂

Halloween by Just April

OK, I’m a huuuuuge fan of Just April, I mean I love every single theme she created and I just had to feature her latest masterpiece! Love it!

zombie halloween default by ▓♪☆♡♥ღ↓Amy↓ღ♥♡☆♪▓

Another theme by ▓♪☆♡♥ღ↓Amy↓ღ♥♡☆♪▓ , so cute that you just wanna collect them and eat them all! LOL She has a collection of these default halloween themes on her page, so go check them out!

Sexy Halloween Carver by ☽☆Tammy☆☾

☽☆Tammy☆☾‘s themes just stands out from the crowd – she always perfectly chooses graphics, fonts and colors on her themes to have a unified look! Something that sounds easy but is actually hard to do, you know!

Halloween Cute by Boutique: NOW OPEN!!

Boutique: NOW OPEN!! has been soooo popular on our site too so I had to introduce her Halloween theme as well! She has an amazing 500+ themes to choose from! Just amazing!

Again, there are soooo many more beautiful beautiful Halloween themes on our site, so go check them out! You can either search “halloween” on or layout editor or browse through our search page!

Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

I’m sure you tell your mom how much you love her everyday like I do 😀 but why not express your love on your MySpace layout as well? I found some cool Mother’s Day themes that will let you do just that!

Mother’s Day Rose Love by Lisa J.

I really like the banner on this layout, it’s totally a Mother’s Day card turned into a MySpace layout! I’m sure your mom will be happy seeing this on your page.

Pretty pink rose by Ashley

Can’t have the flower sent to your mom on time (uh-oh)? Well, in the meantime, send your mom a bouquet of pink roses by putting this on your page! Such a pretty theme with great use of graphics!

mother’s day by Rita

Everybody loves Betty Boop and so does your mom! A very fun and sparkly theme that will bring a smile to everybody’s face! (am I sounding too cheesy today? :D)

MOM by ♥Melinda♥

If you want something more different, this theme is for you! This is a more urban and chic theme for stylish moms! A very unique way of using black and white, I love it!

Happy Mothers Day by HappyCat

Another excellent theme that warms your heart, you can’t see it in this thumbnail, but it has such a sweet message on the network graphic too!

a mothers love by holli

More heart warming quotes! If you aren’t good with words like me, choosing this layout might help you express how you feel about your mom!

As usual, I couldn’t introduce all the other great Mother’s Day themes, but thanks to all of the talented people for sharing these beautiful themes!

Happy Valentines everyone! There have been so many cool Valentines themes so let me introduce some that I really liked! 🙂

Happy Valentines Day by Michelle

Valentines by Michelle

I like this theme because it uses the hearts on the banner and the name background (it’s animated!) Here I combined with a photo I found by searching “kiss” but any dark background would do 🙂

Valentine Onigiri by .|.<(+_+)>.|.


How cute!! Can it be any cuter really?? This theme uses a new feature that we just added on the theme editor too, you can make the network table’s background transparent! If you know what I’m talking about, you are a certified CoolChaser! LoL

Snoopy Valentine by Dawn LaRee


Dawn LaRee has been creating some really popular themes including her Cherry Blossom Theme (very beautiful!) I like all her themes but I like Snoopy so I picked this one 🙂

Valentine by Lydia


This is a great layout to show off your favorite background! Here I’m showing the one that Lydia used but you can put any kind of background and it will be your very own original Valentine’s layout!

Valentine Fairy by Carla


Here’s something different and sexy! Great use of the banner 🙂

pink be mine valentine by Heathaaa!


Ok last but not the least, here is Heathaaa!’s valentine’s theme that is super popular! Is your favorite color pink? Then this is a theme for you! 🙂

As always, there are sooooo much more wonderful themes created by our wonderful users and I’m sorry I couldn’t introduce all of them!

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