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Hey everyone, ’tis the season – the Holiday season! To celebrate, we are having a Holiday theme contest and the winner will receive a brand new 8GB iPod Touch! Nice gift on the threshold of holidays, isn’t it?

So let’s go through the details, shall we?

  1. Submit your theme:
    From today Dec 5th, 2008 to Dec 19th, 2008 Dec 26th, 2008* (submitting period), create a Holiday/Festivities theme (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years etc) using our Theme Creator.

    When saving the theme, tag it “contest_08” and you will be automatically entered to the contest.


    You can enter as many themes as you want!

    *Deadline is extended for one week so people will have more time to create post Christmas themes – you can still win even if you enter late!

  2. The finalists:
    From Dec 12th, 2008 to Jan 3rd, 2009 (rating period) we will count the number of people who used the theme during that period and get the top 10 finalists.The submitting period and rating period will overlap for one week. That means we won’t count the number of people who used the theme the first week of the submission period so even if you enter a little late, you still have a chance to win! Also people won’t have to wait to use the themes before the contest ends – just wait for one week OK? πŸ™‚

  3. The winner:
    Among the top 10, we (the Coolchaser team) will choose the best theme based on the following criteria:
    a) use of color
    b) use of creative graphics
    c) use of space
    d) sense of style
    e) accurate representation of the Holiday/Festivity spirit

    The creator of that theme is going to be the winner!

  4. Announcement:We will announce the winner on Jan 10th, 2009! Did I already say that the winner will receive a brand new 8GB iPod Touch? πŸ˜€

There are some rules to this contest that you should be aware of:

  1. You need to be older than 13.
  2. All the materials used on the theme should either be your original or you have permission to use it from the original owner.
  3. Make sure your CoolChaser account has a valid email so we may contact you. (so if you win we can send the prize to you!)
  4. Entries containing lewd, offensive or pornographic content will be automatically disqualified, at CoolChaser’s sole discretion.
  5. All contestants agree to allow us to promote them and their
    themes in any marketing related manner without any further compensation.
  6. No mechanically reproduced mail-in entries are allowed and any use of robotic, automatic, programmed or the like entry methods will void all such entries by such methods.

But other than that, anybody from anywhere around the world can enter this contest (except for us – the CoolChaser team and their families!).

Happy competition and may the most creative one win!

Notes: Make sure you guys follow the instructions on the blog, or else you might not be properly entered in the contest. Putting “contest_08” on the title of the theme instead of tagging it, or “contest 08” without an underscore won’t be considered a valid entry.

Also, you can’t tag an old theme created before Dec 5th to enter the contest. It has to be a new one!


Here’s a great tip for using to find an awesome background for your MySpace profile! Not all images on the internet are free. So when we make our layouts, we need to make sure the background isn’t under copyright. You can do this easily right in our editor. Once you search for a background, click on one to see what it will look like in the preview. You will see the background and you will also see the link to the site the background came from in the “About Me” preview so you can check to see if it’s ok to use that image. Here is an example of what it looks like when you are previewing a background image:

Is My Background a Copyright

Where it says “background from Yahoo search result” is the link to the original site this background image came from. Click the link to visit that site. It will open in a new window, so you don’t have to worry about losing your place in the editor. I told you it was easy!

If you have any questions about it, checkout the help section at the bottom of We want you to have an awesome layout, that’s why we are here!


*UPDATE* You can now tile a small image in the editor to see what it will look like before you put it on your profile! (thanks Chao!) You can still watch my video to see how to use the options in the editor to make a small background image tile.

We have added a few new things you can do with Coolchaser. One of them is now you can use a small background image and tile it. The image has to be less than 200px by 200px for it to work. You will still see it all stretched out in the editor, but it will be the normal size once you put it on your profile. I thought this may be confusing since you can’t see what it will look like in the editor. So, I made a video to show you how I made a layout using this type of background.

I sound like a big nerd, but you’ll get the idea! πŸ™‚

Big thanks to for making this video possible.

I love those Myspace Layouts where you can see the background through all the tables! I’m going to show you how to do this and make the perfect layout! If you are not sure what I mean here are two great examples of how to do this the right way:

Texas theme by Lost John:

Texas Theme

Scroll theme by Chamorita:

Scroll Theme

NOW :: Here is how to make your own and make it look awesome!!

First: you have to create a layout in our Layout Editor.

Second: Choose how see through you want it using “Other Options”.

Third: You have to make sure a few things. Like, make sure you can read the text. If you can’t read the text, then try picking a different theme that will contrast with your background. As a general rule pick a theme with dark text if you have a light colored background. Or pick a theme with light text if you have a dark background. *UPDATE* If you have a MAC and are using Firefox, make sure you have the latest version of Firefox in order for your layout to display correctly! πŸ™‚


(This example is using Classic theme by KIKKI)

Partial See Through Tables

This next one is with “none” selected.

Solid Color


Can't read

I hope this helps you make the best Myspace Layouts!!

Ask questions or show off your skills in our forum!

This is for all of you hard core MySpace Layout makers out there! I’m going to show you how you can make tons of layouts without having to change your profile every time you save. Let’s get started…

Step 1: Make the layout in the layout editor (duh!)

Step 2: Go to “Other Options” and UNCHECK the matching blog box. (see image example)

Uncheck Matching Blog Box

Step 3: Click “Update My Profile” and enter your info.

Step 4: When the security text appears, DON’T enter it. Instead, click the link just below the text entry box that says “Not working? You can update manually”. (see image example)

Click the Not Working Link

THAT’S IT! Clicking that link will take you straight to your Coolchaser layout history without changing your profile! Now go make tons of layouts and share them with all your friends!

Don’t forget, you can add the new Coolchaser Myspace Widget to your profile to show off all your awesome Myspace Layouts.

Get it HERE

Feel free to brag on your serious skills in our forum! You might end up being featured on our front page!

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