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After careful consideration, we have decided to wind down the ClipClip service.

We are planning to take the following steps:

1) Close down on new registrations but still let existing members to view & clip.
2) Disable the clip button so no new clips will be made.
3) We will keep the site for only browsing for a while.
4) TBD: When the day comes when we decide on shutting down ClipClip entirely, we will provide a download link to let our members to export their clips.

We love ClipClip and are very proud of the service it has brought to our users. However ClipClip became the haven for spammers. They exploited our service to advertise their poorly made sites – some were even paying people to clip their sites. We tried very hard to fight them but to continue weeding the spam and install adequate spam prevention measures would require too much work.

Therefore, we have decided to focus on helping people explore and find items online in other ways. We are very excited about this new project and hope you will find it useful and compelling.

Many thanks to our real members (a.k.a. non-spammers) for using and supporting ClipClip for all these years! Let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment here or by using our feedback form.


Congrats Mozilla on releasing Firefox 3! Join millions of others and get yours today free! We couldn’t have developed CoolChaser, ClipClip nor without Firefox and we’re sure glad they’re continuing to lead the way in cool new features.

Mac users, the disappearing flash widgets bug is finally fixed. That’s another reason to upgrade 😉

We started off using space as a delimiter for tags(a.k.a. categories, keywords, labels). For instance, if you tag your clip “Bob Dylan songs”. It would appear as three separate tags: Bob, Dylan, and songs. If you want to choose a phrase as a tag, you wi have to trick the system by putting a hyphen between the words (e.g. Bob-Dylan-Songs), camelizing (e.g. BobDylanSongs), or something like that. Either way, it is kind of unnatural and not good for exploring by tags.  

We are switching over to comma delimited tags. Using the above example, you can tag it as “Bob Dylan songs, songs, music”. This will create three separate tags: Bob Dylan songs, songs, and music. You can use as many tags as you like. Hope it will make your life easier.

Happy clipping & tagging!


It’s been a while since we had any updates on ClipClip, it’s not that we have forgotten about our loyal users – we were just a little too busy with other projects. But good news guys! We have our super engineer Weiwen working on ClipClip again and she has added some awesome new features!

The features are:
1. empower users to remove spam comments from their clips
2. empower group founders to remove spam comments from their groups
3. ask users to flag clips that aren’t belong to the group

That’s right, now you can remove or flag all those spams that were totally unrelated to your group.

For example, I created a group called “Clipclip tips” hoping people will share tips on how they use Clipclip back in Dec 13 2006. As of today, April 29, 2008, it had 37 spams out of 43 clips!! I asked people NOT to clip any spammy clips in the group but that didn’t stop the spammers at all 😦 Well, it took some time to remove all those damn spams but now I have my group back in control! 🙂

So those who were worried about creating a group, now you can have control over the contents so hope you create some interesting and useful groups to store your clips with your friends!

Happy clipping!

You may like the look of Well, one of the collaboration tools we use, PBWiki, shares the same look as our site, and caught the eye of the PBwiki folks. This past week, we were blogged on The Daily Peanut. PBwiki selected as a case study on how we made it look so good.

Check out PBwiki’s interview with Chao Lam. It features Sachiko Kwan who designed our wiki and both and Yeah!

We have crossed the holiday season divide and entered the new year, for quite some time now, you’ll say, and I’ll agree. The thing is we were so busy bringing new features and refining the ones we have that we lagged with our blog postings. Perhaps unbeknownst to you, the intrepid workerbees here have been keeping two sites live and running. In the past, blogging for one, meant not for the other, so we have a new plan…

We’ll close the blog divide between our two sister sites and and have one blog post for both. With this cut of the virtual red ribbon, we invite the netizens of each site to freely visit and use the services of both domains, and be updated with this one blog.

May you prosper and grow in the new year, 2007!

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