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Update: Mar 16 2pm PDT We’re back up – sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry, we’re experiencing a slowdown due to the deployment of a new CoolChaser release. The site may not be operational for many of you. Please check this log for updates. We’re hoping to be back up in the next few hours.

Thanks for your patience!


Update: As of July 5pm PDT, Amazon reports this is now fixed. Please let us know if your backgrounds are still now showing.

We are using Amazon S3 to store some of our backgrounds. Unfortunately, this external service is down right now, but they should be back up within hours. This should only affect a small number of images (especially newly uploaded images).

You can check:

for the latest updates. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE 7.3.08: the update was successful –  check out the new text option on the layout editor!

CoolChaser will be down for around an hour July 3rd 3-4am PDT. Look out for cool new features after this brief down time!


Congrats Mozilla on releasing Firefox 3! Join millions of others and get yours today free! We couldn’t have developed CoolChaser, ClipClip nor without Firefox and we’re sure glad they’re continuing to lead the way in cool new features.

Mac users, the disappearing flash widgets bug is finally fixed. That’s another reason to upgrade 😉

Update: Blog inserts are back up (Feb 24th 10pm PST)

Never rains but it pours! Sorry folks, we had a massive slowdown in performance for a few hours today. We’ve traced it down to a slowdown in MySpace’s blog updating performance which caused a cascading slowdown in our servers. We’ve turned off blog inserting temporarily, and will be working on a more permanent solution in the next few days.

Meanwhile, expect us to turn back blog layout inserts once MySpace has fixed their issues. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenienced caused 😦

We are saddened to have received a legal notice from Continental Enterprises acting on behalf of Hansen Beverage, the company that produces Monster brand energy drinks.

Basically, they are requiring that we remove all Monster backgrounds that CoolChaser users have submitted on our site.

Frankly, we are quite perplexed by their actions – why would a company want to piss off some 4,000 of, in their own words, Hansen’s most passionate and devoted enthusiasts? We have tried to come up with creative alternatives and suggested that we offer CoolChaser users the opportunity to replace their backgrounds with “official” ones created by Hansen, but they declined.

So, I’m sorry to say we have to comply to Continental and Hansen’s demands. For each of the 4,000 odd users who are affected, we will be individually sending you an email notifying of this incident. You can of course change your layout by simply visiting our layout editor:

If you have further questions or would like to contact Hansen, please write to

Thank you for using CoolChaser!

UPDATE: CoolChaser is back up following a successful server upgrade. Thanks all for your patience.


CoolChaser will not be available at 3.30am PDT Oct 9th 2007 for around 90 minutes, as we do a server upgrade to speed up our databases. Sorry for the short notice and check this blog for updates!

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