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Thank you all who supported CoolChaser!

Posted on: December 30, 2012

We know our tools are broken and want to apologize for not being able to fix them. We are sorry to say that we won’t be maintaining CoolChaser anymore as we decided to concentrate on other projects that we feel more passionate about.

We started CoolChaser in February 2007 and it has been such an awesome ride. We started the site because so many people were having trouble putting layouts on their MySpace page. While others sites were providing codes for premade layouts,  on our site, people were able to create their own personalized layouts and update them with a push of a button without copying and pasting codes (remember those days?) People loved our site and we are still proud of what we were able to offer!

Well, fast forward to July 2011, MySpace finally called it quits to those layouts by killing css customization.  We thought we should just shut down our site then, but since there were so many beautiful layouts created by our users on our site, we decided to convert all the layouts to work on Facebook. We tried our best to catch up with all the changes Facebook constantly rolled out, but we can no longer keep up with it and do not want to over promise our users anymore.

We are thankful to all who were so supportive of us! We hope our paths will cross again someday.

May 2013 be a wonderful year for all!


17 Responses to "Thank you all who supported CoolChaser!"

I like my facebok

I like

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Please Return My Url

Please return my url



Thank u 2

*hugs back* thanks fur.. i don’t know why i always find myself in such situations wherever i go!ud83dude26ni always end the day feeling like I n Click

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