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R.I.P MySpace Layouts!

Posted on: July 19, 2011

Due to the new MySpace change, MySpace layouts will no longer be supported on CoolChaser very soon. You can read more details on how MySpace killed css customization.

What this means to existing CoolChaser users is, very soon you will not be able to create any new MySpace layouts or themes. However, we will keep your account for a while so you can view your existing layouts and themes and can use it if you still have Profile 1.0. However, since we think only a very very small portion of users still have Profile 1.0, we will most probably not going to keep the accounts for very long. Please comment on this post if you have any concerns regarding this.

So what is going to happen to all the beautiful layouts and themes our wonderful users created? No worries, they will not be wasted, as we are going to convert all of them to Facebook layouts so you can use them on Facebook. So stay tuned!


12 Responses to "R.I.P MySpace Layouts!"

i think this websites r verry good 🙂

Hey guys, great efforts with the myspace layouts and sorry to hear that you can no longer use them. I would suspect you may be able to use them again in the future, but like you mentioned they’ve gone through some big changes recently! Keep up the great work guys!

I’m really getting tired of all the changes. I don’t understand why things can’t be left alone to those of us that like what we have…I hardly doubt that I keep myspace or facebook any longer. It’s pointless! As I’ve witnessed, I find liking something and then changes occur way too often and I have to give up what I find to my liking. It is really for fun anymore?

I just noticed as well, shame on myspace!

oh, está super bien, gracias 🙂

[…] fast forward to July 2011, MySpace finally called it quits to those layouts by killing css customization.  We thought we should just shut down our site then, but since there were so many beautiful […]

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This is a complete shame you can not use Myspace layouts anymore, have you managed to change them to Facebook layouts as yet as I can see this is a reasonably old post?

there is no reason to take it down, to hell with myspace. Other sites like baby boomer and other role play site are strongly using the 1.0 myspace because this site i mention carried those and still in demand, just cause the myspace sellout wont use it dont mean other places wont.

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