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Our layouts currently only work for Profile 1.0

Posted on: January 6, 2011

As many of you know already, MySpace had a huge makeover and got a totally new look. They changed their logo to My|_____| (really not sure about that logo) and also released an updated Profile 3.0 which during the beta phase, people had a chance to take a look and go back to Profile 1.0 or 2.0 if they didn’t like it. Unfortunately, Profile 3.0 does not allow any custom CSS so our layouts do not work. MySpace contacted us about their customization tool that might be able to be integrated to 3rd party sites like ours but we’ve not heard any updates on that from them.

We still supported Profile 1.0 and 2.0, but MySpace recently actively converted all the inactive Profile 1.0 and Profile 2.0 into 3.0 automatically. We are not entirely sure but we think people with Profile 1.0 who logged in and had some activity were not converted though so if you still have Profile 1.0 (like our official MySpace site) you can still use our layout by pasting the code manually inside the “About me” section. All the fields in MySpace will now say “No CSS allowed” but you can still paste it in there and will work if MySpace still kept your Profile 1.0 layout.

They also changed the way how we inserted the layouts automatically into Profile 1.0 and got rid of the Profile 2.0 editor entirely from their site; therefore, our auto insert toolbar no longer works for any profiles right now. We are researching if we can get the toolbar to work at least for Profile 1.0.

To people who still have the precious Profile 1.0, we think it’s only a matter of time MySpace converts all the profiles to Profile 3.0, so might as well enjoy your own custom made layouts while it lasts! 🙂


31 Responses to "Our layouts currently only work for Profile 1.0"

Since MySpace updated my band’s profile I am having difficulty. I made an update to our Bio in the About Me section and it is visible only if I click the More bar. The old Bio is still visible in the right hand column under the advertisement with the CoolChaser logo.

Any ideas how I can fix this without deleting the entire site and starting over?

I have same problem, really irritating as I cant update now. So you are not alone!!!!!!

not working for me either.. hated it


I don’t like how the new MySpace is now.I don’t even know if my stuff is set to private anymore.I used to be able to post many different layouts to my page and now I can’t.I just now tried it.Tom Anderson need to come back and change it back the way it was.

I have discovered that if you go to edit profile, then click on Design my profile above it….There is an option to add a background. click on background and remove any you may already have there. Then underneath background image, click add your own..a tab comes up to paste code in, click save or apply and publish it should work…It does on other sites, am fixing to try and see if it works with this…Good luck…

what about all the layouts i already made and save..whats gonna happen to it.i work hard for that??? this is bullshit..i like to know if my layouts still going to work if i paste it to my about me.the one that i already save in this site..

This is some Bullshit for sure. I managed to keep my 1.0 layout but it wouldn’t let the graphics load for my pictures or my background. Uhg! I’m so mad!! Fuck the new myspace.

Dear Coolchaser,

I would love to know when it is possible to use your lovely designs again. I had all my myspace profiles ruined when they just changed them all. I was so proud of them before and has been really upset. The fact is that I don’t use myspace much anymore, because of this. Look forward to be able to use your design again.
Bye for now

Dear Coolchaser,
I have been really upset that I have lost my beautiful layout that i received from you before my space changed to version 3. Any idea on how I can get my old lay out back again and if you are going to make any cool layouts for version 3.
much appreciated, Cheryl

ugh how the hell do u upload the fuckin wallpaper on to your myspace…!!!!!! FUCK THIS!!!

Ugh how the hell i cant copy moment 4 life by nicki damn this shit getting on my fuckin nerves

Fuck the new myspace!It is garbage but they are so proud of their new invention.Fuck them.

i like

Nice. Thanks..

waiting for your new article!

fuck dam wth is that grrr

Well 1.0 or not i cant get it to work at all. thats why i deleted myspace in the first place i figured it would changed but facebook or yearbook is still better

[…] Stuff Our layouts currently only work for Profile 1.0 […]


The thing is, there are other sits that can Use the codes for the 1.0 layouts. and I have pages on bothe. It would be cool if you let us etied the old 1.0’s. I don’t use Facebook too much. I hate it.

Hi Crystal, sorry for the late reply.

Yes we’ve got couple of feedback from people using other social network sites too saying they still would like to get the codes. It’s a bit tedious, but here’s what you can do:

1. Go to our layout editor:
2. After saving the layout, hover over the “edit” link and get the layout ID
3. Then paste the layout ID where the XXX is in this link:
4. The preview isn’t working right now, but the code should be there – copy it and use it on the site that is compatible with MySpace layouts code.

Hope this helps!

[…] Due to the new MySpace change, MySpace layouts will no longer be supported on CoolChaser very soon. you can read more details on how MySpace killed css customization. […]

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