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Featured Themes – Halloween 2009 edition

Posted on: October 7, 2009

Halloween! I’m sure it’s one of your most favorite day of the year! Have you gotten the costumes to wear? And all those cool decorations to decorate your home? Oh, and don’t forget to get a Halloween MySpace layout too!! Here are some of the brand new Halloween themes and layouts created by our awesome members this year!

happy halloween 🙂 by amkenyon

This is really a great Profile 2.0 Halloween theme! It uses round corners and a double background technique, very high tech and professional!


Our superstar theme creator Yvonne did it again! One of her most recent Halloween theme that is so perfectly made – I like the black navigation bar against the orange background 🙂

Happy Halloween (animated) by love 2 make layouts!

Another superstar, love 2 make layouts created some beautiful Halloween themes for this year too! This one is especially cute if you have a Profile 1.0 layout 🙂

Witching halloween by Em

Em is our rising star! She has so many beautiful themes other than this Halloween one, so go check them out!

Haunted House by S.A.P.

If you want something traditional, you can’t go wrong with this one! I like the Profile 1.0 version, so if you haven’t upgraded to 2.0, this would be a great layout to have 🙂

Halloween is still couple of weeks away so there will be many more awesome Halloween themes to come! Let us know if you spot anything you like, we would love to share it here with our other members!


9 Responses to "Featured Themes – Halloween 2009 edition"

Just wanted to say congrat to all the Coolchaser members, your layouts are awesome.

Hello,Sachiko iI love the New Halloween homepage.Thank you for choosing my theme.

i loves tha pink halloween layout.

Hi Yvonne, thanks so much for creating so many beautiful themes! (also there was a typo on the homepage but it’s fixed now :P)

Halloween is the way that a part of our world is: ugly, mystical, grotesque and sick. It is a way for some impotent “businesspeople” to make money and to promote idiocy in young generations. Stupid people are “good” buyers. Man is a degenerated animal, a mutant for sure, and that is reflected in this irrational and hideous Halloween. For some people is boring to speak and to reflect the splendour of the Nature or to be at list rational. These people are the horror movies’ levers and the polluters of the earth. Finally, why to spot in a field only beautiful flowers when you can focus in some fresh excrement? That the spirit of Halloween.

This is MY layout, made by me and submitted on Freecodesource. It has MY name on the EN. I would appreciate it if and/or the submitter removing MY layout that I worked so hard on!

je veux que vous metriez mon compte facebook

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