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Yup, we still feature themes in case you forgot! I know it’s been a long time, but better late than never! 🙂 I found some unique Profile 2.0 themes that wanted to introduce to you. So here we go!

mmmmmm33 by different as a moonbeam from lighting

What a beautiful theme! It doesn’t even look like a MySpace layout huh? I recommend using the technique used in this theme for the background to make a professional looking layout. The background is actually very tall (1429px!) so even if you have a big monitor, you won’t see the background image get cut off on the bottom! And it’s fixed position so no matter how long your MySpace gets with all the comments from your friends, your background will stay in the same place. I like how the background image is shaping the content too. Love love love it!!

Yellow by jasmine_hernandez13

Clean and very simple but has lots of small details, such as round corners, double background, quote inside the basic info box, and a thin banner on top! Jasmine has other very similar looking themes that are equally beautiful such as the Hater theme so go check them out!

purple butterfly by eternal_u2

What a beautiful theme! It uses the double background technique with a huge image on the basic info box. All of the images are well blended and has a very soft feeling to it! Who doesn’t like butterflies? 🙂

Celadon & Black 2 by Diana

OK this is another girly theme but hey I like girly stuff! 😀 I love the color palette used in this theme very much. It would had been better if the background’s image had a wider white space to enclose the modules, but still a very beautiful theme.

retro by crystalwilson27

This double background theme is so cute!! I love the color palette and the dot pattern against the checker background – geometric but cute and pop 🙂

These are just some of the recent ones I found today but I’m sure there are many more beautiful themes out there. Please let us know when you run into a cool theme that you wanna share with other people, whether it’s someone else’s or yours! 😀


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