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After careful consideration, we have decided to wind down the ClipClip service.

We are planning to take the following steps:

1) Close down on new registrations but still let existing members to view & clip.
2) Disable the clip button so no new clips will be made.
3) We will keep the site for only browsing for a while.
4) TBD: When the day comes when we decide on shutting down ClipClip entirely, we will provide a download link to let our members to export their clips.

We love ClipClip and are very proud of the service it has brought to our users. However ClipClip became the haven for spammers. They exploited our service to advertise their poorly made sites – some were even paying people to clip their sites. We tried very hard to fight them but to continue weeding the spam and install adequate spam prevention measures would require too much work.

Therefore, we have decided to focus on helping people explore and find items online in other ways. We are very excited about this new project and hope you will find it useful and compelling.

Many thanks to our real members (a.k.a. non-spammers) for using and supporting ClipClip for all these years! Let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment here or by using our feedback form.


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