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R.I.P CoolChaser Widget

Posted on: June 8, 2009

We are sorry to announce that we have decided to discontinue our MySpace CoolChaser Widget. Many of our loyal fans have been asking us when they can get the widget back and that they miss it so we tried VERY HARD to get our app unsuspended. But the conditions MySpace gave us were too strict.

They told us that nothing from the app can link to our site – which means, even if you would like your friend to preview the layouts and themes you’ve created, there is no way they can preview it or use the layout – cause it doesn’t link anywhere!!

Why are they treating CoolChaser like a swine flu? LOL Like we mentioned before, they claim that they found lots of inappropriate materials on our site. I tell you, MySpace content review team knows more curse/sick words than anybody on this planet! Since the CoolChaser developers are all dorks, we were like “I can’t find that thing they mentioned!! How did they find it!” LOL

We don’t want any of our users to promote hate, violence, and porn (just enjoy porn elsewhere!) on our site which I know 99% of our users don’t. But like somebody said, “it only takes one @$$hole to ruin your day”. Especially if you deliberately look for one!

Thanks for your understanding and we would really like to thank all of our loyal fans for supporting us! We are working hard to improve our site (hey do you like the auto insert thing? Isn’t it cool?) Like always, please feel free to leave us comments/suggetion/feedbacks 🙂


14 Responses to "R.I.P CoolChaser Widget"

that really sucks! I like choosing the background images and the themes. is there another site similar to yours that you would recommend? I just don’t like the premade crap they have haha

change the name of the company……:) change ur severs and look like a diff comapny or sumthin. then go and do the same thing for us …please:)

Hi Cerra! You can still create themes and layouts no problem on our site, it’s just our MySpace widget that got killed 🙂 So I still recommend to create your own layout! 🙂

LOL Mr Holmes, I was thinking something along the same line like “hey, the widget’s profile can link to a different site and from their it can link to coolchaser!!” 😀 but then I got tired dealing with the MySpace people too cause they said “manual review” is all you need, and then changed their mind and said “actually manual review is not good enough, you can’t link to coolchaser at all” So I’m sure they gonna say something like “no, that site that links to that site that links to your site, can’t link to your site” LOL

but can we still create layouts and put them on our sites?

Hi Abby, yeah, it’s just the widget that got discontinued so nothing really changed on the CoolChaser site itself (thank god!)

myspace has worse shit than you do they jus tryed to make it look like your the bad guys cuz they want to look good

i love cool chaser the myspace ppl are mean

take it from sum one who has been all through myspace, there is alot of stuff on their site that is 2 times worse then anything they may have found on Cool Chaser. I think that they just noticed that more and more people were using Cool Chaser for their layouts instead of using the myspace boring layouts. Cool Chaser actually gave people freedom to design their pages with graphics and colors, and so on that they liked. Myspace Bites.

i need coolchaser comback pleaseeeee!!!!


These MySpace and Facebook people do some of the most ridiculous things and they seem to love complicating stuff and making big deals out of nothing.

You have got to be kidding me. Seems to me that myspace is going to be going down hill fast. Everyone is already starting to use facebook more. I saw more porn stuff on the bumper stickers then I did off of your site. I loved using your site. I liked being able to put my own profile backgrounds together. Myspace is going to start loosing a lot of there people!

this really sux because this was the only app i used for my layouts…it was the easiest to use, undersatnd, and navagate… errrr, i cant believe those guys…iv seen so many offensive graphics on users pages that the myspace as yet to discover but yet they wana giva yall hell for minor gestures…:-(

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