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We are sorry to announce that we have decided to discontinue our MySpace CoolChaser Widget. Many of our loyal fans have been asking us when they can get the widget back and that they miss it so we tried VERY HARD to get our app unsuspended. But the conditions MySpace gave us were too strict.

They told us that nothing from the app can link to our site – which means, even if you would like your friend to preview the layouts and themes you’ve created, there is no way they can preview it or use the layout – cause it doesn’t link anywhere!!

Why are they treating CoolChaser like a swine flu? LOL Like we mentioned before, they claim that they found lots of inappropriate materials on our site. I tell you, MySpace content review team knows more curse/sick words than anybody on this planet! Since the CoolChaser developers are all dorks, we were like “I can’t find that thing they mentioned!! How did they find it!” LOL

We don’t want any of our users to promote hate, violence, and porn (just enjoy porn elsewhere!) on our site which I know 99% of our users don’t. But like somebody said, “it only takes one @$$hole to ruin your day”. Especially if you deliberately look for one!

Thanks for your understanding and we would really like to thank all of our loyal fans for supporting us! We are working hard to improve our site (hey do you like the auto insert thing? Isn’t it cool?) Like always, please feel free to leave us comments/suggetion/feedbacks 🙂


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