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CoolChaser hiccups

Posted on: March 16, 2009

Update: Mar 16 2pm PDT We’re back up – sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry, we’re experiencing a slowdown due to the deployment of a new CoolChaser release. The site may not be operational for many of you. Please check this log for updates. We’re hoping to be back up in the next few hours.

Thanks for your patience!


11 Responses to "CoolChaser hiccups"

That sucks because I have something really inportant to do in 1 hour…. Thanks alot

we should understand.. that really happens… please tell us when you come back again.. thank you…

watzabatza: it’s back up as indicated in the update – hope you’re not commenting just for the link traffic 🙂

what happened?

ty: our new release unexpectedly made a very expensive database call. We rolled back the release and then modified the new release to prevent the expensive call.

Need the html to work guys! Please HELP!

ok i have copied the code for my layout 3 times and it is still now on my profile. Nor is my Theme please advise me on what i am to do. I had a my space account befors and used you and never had this many problems,going to hve no hair left at this point!!!!!!!!!! HELP

meandyoumakes2: Looks like you’re using myspace Profile 2.0. You’ll need to choose “no theme” when you do “customize profile”. And then paste in our codes in the “{} css” box. Finally, click on the Publish button on the top right.

Hi. Ive used Heathaaa!’s standard black profile 1 but is cutting the comments off so you only see one or half a comment. Earlier on today though it did display all of my comments but it is now back to cutting them off.
Any ideas what the problem is ?????

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