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Update: Mar 16 2pm PDT We’re back up – sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry, we’re experiencing a slowdown due to the deployment of a new CoolChaser release. The site may not be operational for many of you. Please check this log for updates. We’re hoping to be back up in the next few hours.

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UPDATE (3/12/09): This should be fixed now so you DON’T have to do it manually. Let us know if you still are having a problem (and please remember to put a link to your MySpace profile!)

Hey guys! Sorry that we didn’t notice for a while, but we just found out that the background image doesn’t show up for Profile 2.0. (If you are using Profile 1.0 and the background isn’t showing, that’s a different problem so you can ignore this post!)

We will have a fix soon but here’s how to fix it manually.

1) Go to the MySpace Profile Editor by clicking here or log in to your Myspace account and click “Customize Profile” under the “Profile” top nav button.

2) In the CSS part where you paste the code, DELETE everything before the word “body”


We are so sorry that we didn’t notice this earlier! And let me know if the above method doesn’t work.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE (5/26/09): Auto insert feature is BACK! Woo Hoo! Read more here.

UPDATE (3/11/09): If you are using Profile 2.0 and the background didn’t show, it’s our bug not MySpace 😀 We’ve wrote a post on how to fix it so read it here!

So MySpace didn’t like the auto insert functionality from gigya for some security reason so we had to take that very convenient feature out. They told us to use their “Post It” tool and we tried it but it SUCKS for layouts. Have you guys tried this “Post It” tool? I think it works great for graphics or videos to embed on your profile. But for layouts, it just doesn’t make sense.

Here are the things we didn’t like about that tool.

1) Since it’s CSS code that we are inserting, they try to apply that CSS to that preview page itself 😦 and since it’s not compatible, the whole page looks all screwed up. (as you can see the sparkle background is appearing on random places.)

post it tool sucsk

2) There are 3 choices to choose where to paste it, and 2 of them won’t work (the bulletin and blog).

3) It does NOT work for posting a Profile 2.0 layout!!

We thought this was way too confusing so decided not to use this tool.

We are pretty sure many people will miss this functionality as last time we were told to show only codes, lots of our users weren’t happy (58 comments!) I already see many people confused again because they are pasting the code in our shout box 😦

All we can do now is to hope for MySpace Post It tool to work for layouts!! I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to make it compatible, because customizing layouts is what made MySpace popular, don’t you think?? 🙂

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