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Featured Theme XI – Valentines Edition

Posted on: February 9, 2009

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we got tons and tons of new themes created every day!

Valentine Boop by ♥CJ♥

Valentines without Betty Boop is like Hamburger without fries! (I’m sorry I’m hungry now)! ♥CJ♥ is our superstar on our site who constantly creates very popular themes – thank you ♥CJ♥ for being such a loyal user!

Falling Hearts by candiesweet_24

Who likes pink? Me Me Me! Every girl in the room likes pink! This very romantic Valentines theme created by candiesweet_24 is just for you!!

Valentine damask by Tammy

Another great theme by Tammy! I really like the image of the envelop she used as the module’s background!

love sweet love by love 2 make layouts!

Here is a unique one if you aren’t really into the typical red Valentines layouts! It’s got a very warm feeling to it and I found a nice background from Photobucket that matches well! (which by the way, is repeated automatically ever since the Lost John feature was shipped out) love 2 make layouts! is our rising star and has created so many beautiful themes.

I Love You by Epic Faerie

This is a cool double background Profile 2.0 theme that is also 1.0 compatible. I like the 2.0 version better cause it’s more dynamic looking! Epic Faerie created lots of other cool Valentines themes too, so go check them out!

Happy Valentines Day by Yvonne

Very romantic and RED HOT! This uses the same heart image from Epic Faerie’s but the result looks very different doesn’t it? Yvonne has been really popular lately always on our rankings page!

I introduced the ones made this year but if you include all the Valentine’s themes from last year, I’m sure you’ll find something that matches your taste! If you are curious, this is the link to the blog that we introduced the Valentine’s themes from last year.


19 Responses to "Featured Theme XI – Valentines Edition"

Thank You so much Sachiko,for your comment.My son and daughter told me to keep trying and one day you would show one of my layout.they are my inspiration in doing my layouts and theme.Thank you again.

yata yata yat bla bla bla lame hahaha

Hey Yvonne, thank YOU for creating so many beautiful themes and layouts! 🙂

I can’t get your layout on my page how do I make that work?

they are sio pretty’s!!!!

Hi,Sachko Im having problems with my layout,all my background shows a heart wing behind my layouts.Can you please tell me what is wrong.i also see other users are having the same problem.HELP! Thanks

Cool Themes. They are very beautiful. 🙂

Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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wow.. it’s nice… but valentine’s day was just passed.. but still i thank for it…

how u get da code

yall have some lame ugly layout everyone who like these layout have bad taste in layout coolchaser SUCK

then go somewhere else. You are hateful.

yell layouts r ugly

yall layouts r ugly

mhAL qtA Kzo mNhid kLng!!!!!!!!!!

I’m really and really like this website, I’m watching this website’s posts, return to posting and thanks for posts..

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