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Pimp your background with the ‘Lost John’ feature!

Posted on: February 4, 2009

Hey CoolChasers, we have just shipped out a new feature on our layout editor that lets you use animated gifs for your backgrounds! Huraaaay! This feature has been suggested by Lost John, our very loyal member on CoolChaser, who is fighting a battle against cancer – thus we would love to call this feature the “Lost John Feature”!

To celebrate this new feature, we created a layout dedicated to Lost John using animated gif as a background! (ok you can’t see on this picture, but the background is an animated gif!)

You can preview the layout here.

We would like other people to create layouts for Lost John using this feature to support him too! 🙂 Please comment here on the blog or on the forum with the link to the layout.

Lost John, you are in our thoughts and prayers!!

Hey, thanks Heathaaa! for creating one! 🙂 I’m gonna keep adding the screenshots here as we get more!


15 Responses to "Pimp your background with the ‘Lost John’ feature!"

Oh April~~~ hope you can help us make more Lost John layouts! It’s been a long time since I made a layout so it took a much longer time than I thought and it didn’t come out that great 😛

Awesome- I’ll have to get busy making some new layouts! This is the greatest layout generator ever 😉
Lost John- I hope you get to feeling better soon.
Hugs, Karen

Nice layout, I think.

rodeo bareback

I also made a theme for Lost John,Its call Proud to be a Veteran,Get well soon.Always in my prayers.I Hope you like it.:)

Thanks everybody, seems like Lost John’s surgery went well!

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Thats the cool’s themes i have see in a long time.
Very nice

awesome results…really liked it

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