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Still using Profile 1.0 because 2.0 took away the network box and contact box graphics? Well, I’ve found some really awesome Profile 2.0 themes that use graphics very effectively – all created by our awesome CoolChaser Theme creators – chekkitout!

Emmett Cullen by Georgia Cullen

Whoa! I have to confess, I’ve never watched Twilight yet (don’t stone me!), but this looks like an official MySpace Twilight page created for this character! I love how Georgia uses the graphic in the Basic Info box! Much more freedom than using the network box in terms of space, isn’t it? Georgia also has lots of other cool 2.0 themes with a similar style – so go check them out!

Rasta Roxy by ♥ Kayla ♥

This is actually a very unique theme, do you notice that the Basic Info Box has a different background (white) from the other modules? Also, it uses the Rasta logo (is it a logo?) as a whole inside the Basic Info Box, and as a background for the other module headers. A very creative theme!

Vampire Love by ♥CJ♥

Another Vampire Theme by our new rising star ♥CJ♥! She is constantly on the top of our ranking page and has lots of fans! She always make sure that her themes look great both in 1.0 and 2.0 and for this theme, I personally like the 2.0 version 🙂 She has lots of cool Valentines themes too so go check’em out!

Brown Green by >>Nin<<

Here’s a great example using the double background feature on our Profile 2.0 editor by >>Nin<. You see the brown wood textured background around the modules and the green background around it – hence the “double background” 😀 Notice the cool star graphic right in the middle of the “Basic Info” box, also tweaked by using our Profile 2.0 editor!

Starter Kit by Just April

Another great double background example by Just April! If we can’t decide which background to use, you can use both of them (but make sure you use it elegantly, this could go crazy LOL)

I hope these themes inspired you to create great looking themes! And thanks to all the theme creators for taking your time to make the theme look good both in Profile 1.0 and Profile 2.0 – you guys are such pros!!


Congratulations to 45Steve, winner of the CoolChaser Holiday Contest! We have selected 45Steve‘s Sparkling New Years Party Theme as the winner for it’s dynamic use of space and great sense of style!

Here’s an interview with the winner!

Q1. Congratulations 45Steve! How do you feel about winning the Holiday Contest?

A2. It feels good to make things for people to use winning the contest is a nice bonus to making people feel good.

Q2. You totally blew others away – 8 out of the top 10 themes were all yours! That’s amazing! What was your secret for doing so well?

A2. Really was no secret just found a picture i liked an started buildin from there the rest kinda came natural.

Q3. How much time did you spend on creating the themes for the contest?

A3. I would make a theme or 2 in bout an hour and then spend alittle time adjusting to make them look good in both 1.0 or 2.0 layouts.

Q4. You create so many beautiful themes, where/how do you get inspiration when creating themes? (I would totally run out of ideas!)

A4. I look at everyday life and life styles holiday seasons come easy but mostly I take inspiration from people closest to me.

Q5. Even before the contest, you were constantly creating so many beautiful themes. What motivates you? (like seeing people use your themes?)

A5. Probably what motivates me most is seeing what I can make, and how many people like what I do and use my layouts

Q5. Were you always into designing stuff?

A5. If ya count rearranging a room ,,sometimes,, as for designing stuff a couple years ago i really didnt know how to turn a computer on,,all self taught, trial and error.

Q6. What is the most fun part about creating themes on CoolChaser?

A6. I think its really cool to make stuff that other people like to use, makes me feel useful .

Q7. There are lots of other sites that lets you create MySpace layouts – what
makes you come back to CoolChaser?

A7. Thats an easy one to answer, Coolchaser is the easiest and and Best site that I found or heard of ,and all themes and layouts are a snap to make,,,,and post to myspace

Congratulations 45Steve, and you will be receiving a brand new 8GB iPod Touch as a prize – you totally deserve it!

Happy New Year!! Hope you guys enjoyed the Holiday Contest – we had 556 entries! Wow! We would like to thank every single person who entered their themes. Now we are at the final stage to choose the winner to the 8GB iPod Touch! Here are the top 10 most used themes from the Holiday Contest!

1 Christmas Glitter by 45Steve (512)

2 starry christmas tree by stacey (282)

3 Sparkling New Years Party by 45Steve (260)

4 New Years Gold 45Steve by (250)

5 Neon New Year by 45Steve (176)

6 Blue Christmas by 45Steve (175)

7 Red Sparkle New Year by 45Steve (162)

8 New Year 2009 by 45Steve (129)

9 Champagne New Year by 45Steve (119)

10 Blue Starburst Christmas by Xina (114)

Amazingly, 8 out of these 10 themes were all created by one person – the incredible 45Steve! Super Duper! That’s quite an accomplishment!

Anyway, we are going to pick the best theme among these top 10 according to the following criteria:

a) use of color
b) use of creative graphics
c) use of space
d) sense of style
e) accurate representation of the Holiday/Festivity spirit

and then we will announce the winner on January 10th! (or sooner!) Thanks again to all of you for creating so many beautiful themes!

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