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Can’t update your profile?

Posted on: December 20, 2008

UPDATE 12.22.08 – Looks like there aren’t gonna be any changes for now so CoolChaser should continue to work as is! Phew!

(original content below)

We aren’t 100% sure yet at this moment, but the tool we are using for people to update their MySpace profile (called Gigya) might not work tomorrow as MySpace is undergoing some changes. We don’t have much information yet but just wanted to let you guys know just in case! If that does happen, we will try to fix the problem as soon as we can – though, our engineer is on vacation now so we might have to wait until he comes back. Thanks for your understanding in advance!


19 Responses to "Can’t update your profile?"

well i have a coolchaser layout and i cant get a different layout on my profile from……it stays on the coolchaser one. how do i fix it’?

i have a coolchaser layout on my page now. when i come to coolchaser to copy a new layout it will not change. can someone please tell whats the problem.

i’ve worked on a layout for hours!!! and now when i try to put it with a background it will not go back to 1.0!!! it stays on 2.0 no matter how many times i click on it!!! this is driving me crazy because i’ve never had any problems with coolchaser before!! PLEASE PLEASE tell me how to fix it!!

P.S I’m not the only one having this problem!

it well not let me put my layout on myspace at least not the hole thing

I cannot change my layout…STILL. It remains on the one that i previously had and i want to change it. Why isnt it working.

it wont let me save a new layout, or look at my current layouts, it just goes to an error page when i try

it also wont even let me log in now

it wont let me get other layouts from other cites please help me and it wont let me ad any apps on myspace thanks

My layout will never change, what do I do?

I would like to update my profile, and put information under “detailjs for musicians”. There is you logo “C”, and nothing can be put there. How do I mangage do change that?

Under “comments” , I can´t see all the comments, only 1 1/2 but there is more comments. I think it has to do something with the layout from coolchaser. Please help me!

I did all the step you said to do to create a background and theme….and when I finished and hit publish, I went to my profile….and everything on the left side is completely gone!! I am so pissed…..I took so long to do the page…..why did that happen??? Can someone please tell me???

I got profile 2.0 a little while ago. I didnt like it all that much in the end and switched back to 1.0. Before 2.0 there was a 1.0 editor where you could choose from a variety of profiles without having to put a code in your “about me section” or anything. Well. NOW i cant change it back because they dont have that 1.0 profile editor anymore. AND its the most aggravating thing because I worked on making this profile for two hours and it wont work. how do I take off my other profile? please help.

i have a background from profile 1.0 that i made and now cant get it off because they want let me go back and i am pi**** off.

i also tried to change my cool chaser layout and i am in the same boat as of of you. my layout is so screwd up now, i dont know how to fix it either. best of luck to you all out there who are having problems with you profiles.

Put auto back!!!!!!

i cant change my layout

I put on a splinter cell double agent layout a couple months ago for 2.0 and every once in a while I’ll try to change it but it always has splinter cell double agent as my background, PLEASE HELP!

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