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Who’s kicking ass?

Posted on: December 19, 2008

Hey people, thanks for entering the holiday contest and for leaving comments on the holiday contest blog. We wish we can give everybody an iPod Touch, but there is going to be only one winner! So what’s your chance of winning that prize? Now we have a ranking page that shows the number of layouts that was created from the entries since Dec 12 so go check it out! Here’s the link!

We will continue counting until Jan 3rd, 2009 so keep coming back to check how well your theme is doing 🙂

As of today, Dec 19, looks like 45Steve‘s Christmas Glitter is totally kicking ass! But remember, the finalists are the top 10, and among them, the CoolChase team will select the winner from the criteria that we listed on the contest blog so anybody still has a chance!

Also, we have a new feature to let your friends know about your themes so TELL TELL TELL your friends and have ALL OF THEM use your contest theme!! Go to your themes page ( and you’ll notice a link “share.” From their, you can post a bulletin to notify all your friends on MySpace about your new creation.

There are so many beautiful themes in the contest which aren’t used as much. Why? Cause people don’t know about it! So we hope you find this new feature useful 🙂


8 Responses to "Who’s kicking ass?"

i wont to wine a ipod look on my page and see what i havebeen up to /yes i have some bama layout to go see COOLCHASER is grate where you can have fun.

I thought one of the requirements to win was that all the graphics had to be original?
Alot of the themes I’ve seen are using “already made” images uploaded from photobucket, etc…
Am I wrong about this? Oh well, I stuck to the criteria anyway…I made all my own graphics for the layout I submitted just in case!

Hey April! Yes, the requirements clearly states that the images has to be either original, or you must have permission to use it from the original owner of the images. So it’s OK to use “already made” images as long as people have permission.

So at the end of the contest, we will have to confirm about copyright issues for sure and if they don’t, we will have to disqualify them.

Thanks, sachiko…
Cool well I made everything from scratch just in case including the background image…I was reluctant to enter at first b/c I do use alot of images from photobucket (although I “tweak” 99% of them), so I wasn’t sure if that qualified or not. I finally got inspiration at last minute though to make something funky!
Well here’s a little self promotion, my little boy sure would love that ipod, lol…

and you can check it out in use on my myspace profile also:

Hi April, wow I love the pattern! How did you create that? Kinda like a zebra pattern.. I love it! The round corner looks cute too 🙂

yep, well it’s supposed to look like a zebra pattern…lol…it’s a a little bitmapped and I tried to smooth it out but couldn’t. egh. I worked on it for hours trying, I finally gave up…I used Picnik to make it and the snowflake background. And then uploaded it to Photobucket (to grab the exact colors I wanted to use). My skills with in photoshop are outdated so I don’t use it.

It looks great, I didn’t even noticed the bitmapped thingie! I know how tweaking could take a long time, my Photoshop skills are really limited too, I wish I knew how to use it better. I usually search for photoshop tutorials and follow the exact steps! Oh, the thing I like a lot about photoshop is the premade brushes! There are lots of free brushes out there that you just download and use it like stamps 🙂

gEbrnE hi! its a nice site!

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