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UPDATE 12.22.08 – Looks like there aren’t gonna be any changes for now so CoolChaser should continue to work as is! Phew!

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We aren’t 100% sure yet at this moment, but the tool we are using for people to update their MySpace profile (called Gigya) might not work tomorrow as MySpace is undergoing some changes. We don’t have much information yet but just wanted to let you guys know just in case! If that does happen, we will try to fix the problem as soon as we can – though, our engineer is on vacation now so we might have to wait until he comes back. Thanks for your understanding in advance!


Hey people, thanks for entering the holiday contest and for leaving comments on the holiday contest blog. We wish we can give everybody an iPod Touch, but there is going to be only one winner! So what’s your chance of winning that prize? Now we have a ranking page that shows the number of layouts that was created from the entries since Dec 12 so go check it out! Here’s the link!

We will continue counting until Jan 3rd, 2009 so keep coming back to check how well your theme is doing πŸ™‚

As of today, Dec 19, looks like 45Steve‘s Christmas Glitter is totally kicking ass! But remember, the finalists are the top 10, and among them, the CoolChase team will select the winner from the criteria that we listed on the contest blog so anybody still has a chance!

Also, we have a new feature to let your friends know about your themes so TELL TELL TELL your friends and have ALL OF THEM use your contest theme!! Go to your themes page ( and you’ll notice a link “share.” From their, you can post a bulletin to notify all your friends on MySpace about your new creation.

There are so many beautiful themes in the contest which aren’t used as much. Why? Cause people don’t know about it! So we hope you find this new feature useful πŸ™‚

CoolChaser had technical difficulties today (Dec 15th) with the server and some people might have seen the “Arrgh! We messed up!” message throughout the day. This has been fixed now. We apologize for the inconvenience and let us know if you are still experiencing the problem.

Hey everyone, ’tis the season – the Holiday season! To celebrate, we are having a Holiday theme contest and the winner will receive a brand new 8GB iPod Touch! Nice gift on the threshold of holidays, isn’t it?

So let’s go through the details, shall we?

  1. Submit your theme:
    From today Dec 5th, 2008 to Dec 19th, 2008 Dec 26th, 2008* (submitting period), create a Holiday/Festivities theme (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years etc) using our Theme Creator.

    When saving the theme, tag it “contest_08” and you will be automatically entered to the contest.


    You can enter as many themes as you want!

    *Deadline is extended for one week so people will have more time to create post Christmas themes – you can still win even if you enter late!

  2. The finalists:
    From Dec 12th, 2008 to Jan 3rd, 2009 (rating period) we will count the number of people who used the theme during that period and get the top 10 finalists.The submitting period and rating period will overlap for one week. That means we won’t count the number of people who used the theme the first week of the submission period so even if you enter a little late, you still have a chance to win! Also people won’t have to wait to use the themes before the contest ends – just wait for one week OK? πŸ™‚

  3. The winner:
    Among the top 10, we (the Coolchaser team) will choose the best theme based on the following criteria:
    a) use of color
    b) use of creative graphics
    c) use of space
    d) sense of style
    e) accurate representation of the Holiday/Festivity spirit

    The creator of that theme is going to be the winner!

  4. Announcement:We will announce the winner on Jan 10th, 2009! Did I already say that the winner will receive a brand new 8GB iPod Touch? πŸ˜€

There are some rules to this contest that you should be aware of:

  1. You need to be older than 13.
  2. All the materials used on the theme should either be your original or you have permission to use it from the original owner.
  3. Make sure your CoolChaser account has a valid email so we may contact you. (so if you win we can send the prize to you!)
  4. Entries containing lewd, offensive or pornographic content will be automatically disqualified, at CoolChaser’s sole discretion.
  5. All contestants agree to allow us to promote them and their
    themes in any marketing related manner without any further compensation.
  6. No mechanically reproduced mail-in entries are allowed and any use of robotic, automatic, programmed or the like entry methods will void all such entries by such methods.

But other than that, anybody from anywhere around the world can enter this contest (except for us – the CoolChaser team and their families!).

Happy competition and may the most creative one win!

Notes: Make sure you guys follow the instructions on the blog, or else you might not be properly entered in the contest. Putting “contest_08” on the title of the theme instead of tagging it, or “contest 08” without an underscore won’t be considered a valid entry.

Also, you can’t tag an old theme created before Dec 5th to enter the contest. It has to be a new one!

Due to popular demand, we now have a new option on our current theme editor to tweak the themes for MySpace’s 2.0 layouts! Here’s a glimpse of it πŸ™‚

1) Dynamic editing for both Profile 1.0 and 2.0 at the same time!

Just toggle between 2 views and tweak your layout both for 1.0 and 2.0 simultaneously! Your setting from 1.0 will be carried over to 2.0 but you can still tweak some specific stuff just for 2.0 such as… (drum rolls)

2) Round corners option for 2.0 layouts! Hurray~!

Thanks to the great 2.0 HTML markup, you can easily create round corner layouts in a snap! Ain’t that cool? Without this option, it might have not been so exciting huh πŸ˜€

3) Cool graphic option for the Basic Info Box!

Were you pissed off that the 2.0 layouts didn’t have network boxes? Why not use the network image on the Basic Info Box since there is a huge blank space in the middle! Not all network images will look good in the Basic Info Box, so we didn’t make that into a default but instead added an option to click if you do want the network box’s image to carry over to the 2.0 layout. Pretty neat huh?

We are going to continue adding cool options for 2.0 since there are lots of freedom so if you have any requests, let us know!

Looking for MySpace stuff?

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You can create your own original layout in a snap!
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