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Profile 2.0 layouts officially out!

Posted on: November 17, 2008

Thanks for your patience, we finally shipped out our profile 2.0 layouts yesterday! You can go to our layout editor and click on the Profile 2.0 tab and see how it looks! We are still tweaking with the conversion from 1.0 but here are some points again to note:

1) Network graphics and contact graphics are not supported in 2.0. MySpace took those boxes out so you will need to be creative and find where to use those graphics on other areas of the page! This isn’t a great example, but here’s something you can do:

Below is how the tattoo theme layout looks for 1.0

Now this is how it is converted to 2.0

Hmmm.. so it’s kinda boring right? Since there is no contact/network graphics.

So what I did was this:

A little less boring isn’t it? I put the network graphic inside the div.basicInfoDetails using advanced CSS in the theme editor. You can use the advance tab and enter your own css in there as we do insert advanced codes in both 1.0 and 2.0. Not all network graphics will work this way though, this example worked because it had a transparent background and was small. But there are so many things you can try it out so keep experimenting!

2) Tiny layouts ain’t tiny no more in Profile 2.0 – You can make it sort of tiny by going to Myspace’s Profile editor and select the tiniest width.

3) Banner layouts might look weird. We tried to use the exact code we use for Profile 1.0, but if you have a translucent layout and use Firefix, the banner will just disappear for Firefox users. (not sure if this is a bug or what) So we changed the code a bit so it will show in any browser, but if you had borders, background colors, and repeated somehow, it won’t be carried over. But theme creators can create new graphics just for the 2.0 themes so it will be compatible with both layouts this way! Not really sure the best solution yet, so we will play around a bit more!

OK i think there will be more bugs and glitches so let us know and we will try hard to perfect it as much as we can! 🙂


80 Responses to "Profile 2.0 layouts officially out!"

I don’t like this new profile editor how do I go back to the other one. I gave this one a shot and I don’t like it at all. Please tell me how to switch back.

Hi Beth, you mean you wanna switch back to Profile 1.0? Then you need to go back to MySpace’s editor (Click “Customize Profile” from the Profile menu on the top nav) and click “Go Back” on the very top right hand corner. It will ask you if you wanna switch back.

y i can’t change from 2.0 to 1.0 ?
helpp me..

I can’t get this stupid background off!!!!!!!!!!!

i click on this fukcin thing and it wont get of my fuck ptrople what ever i fuck in do it still fuck there so its fuckin shit

How do you put that image in the basic info area??

At first I thought that the new 2.0 would be cool, but now I don’t think so. I like to get crafty when making my profiles sometimes and with 2.0 I don’t really feel like I can do as much. I have switched back and forth several times and keep going back to the 1.0. I am sure the 2.0 would be fore people that don’t like to make their own profiles, but for those of us that do it sucks for us. Sorry seemed good!!

not cool no chido esta feo y nosepuede vien crear tu prtopio perfil k culero la neta


Hi Erica, in order to put images in the basic info area, go to our theme editor and select the “Advanced” tab. You will see two buttons, one for Profile 1.0 and one for Profile 2.0. Enter the code inside the Profile 2.0 css box. This thread on our forum shows you some code example:

HI Stephanie, there are actually so much more freedom on 2.0 compared to 1.0 when it comes to customization. Have you seen this site?

This shows you the endless possibilities of customizing a layout that has great markup (like myspace 2.0) MySpace 1.0 only let people do certain things because of it’s horrible markup and I was ripping my hair out because I had to do stupid things like table table table td table table…. to get things working. Now with classes on each elements, tweaking is so much easier. We are looking into building a theme creator for 2.0 so hope we can give some interesting options to people.

Hi Heidi, you can just create a new layout for your blog and click on the “blog” tab once you clicked “save my layout”.

dont like profile 2.0 how do i go back to the regular one????

ya, this sucks,I wanna go back to 1.0,and cant figure it out,

You guys are crazy !! It’s not that bad, Yeah it takes time to figure out but with time it’s pretty cool.It does need some work but it can get better.

i fuckin hate it

i do not like the profile 2.0 anymore and i want to switch back to the profile 1.0. can you tell me how to do that step by step….thank you so much

i want my old layout. this one does not have everything i had on it. I read before i installed this new one that my old one will be kept for 90 days. How can i get it back?

I tried the 2.0 and from the moment it started, it has been a big pain! I switch themes often and lots of the themes I have had came from your website. (thanks) I saw the 2.0 on your home page and so before I dump it, I thought I would at least give the new things out there a try. The way myspace is now (though I think I have it down) its complicated and makes users frustrated, and limits our creativity within the site. I was glad to read tonight that I am not the only one feeling like this…

i am using the “glitter” template and whe i set the background image to the color black like nbefore in 1.0, it shows up as gray on myspace in 2.0. WHat are the user erros that i am making.

how did you get the rose in the basic info module on the 2.0 version? I looked up this theme in the layout creator but it only has the one without the rose in the 2.0. Please let me know how i can get it there like the example shown on this page.

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thats so immature !

very nice)

Hi cristina, I totally forgot to move the css to the new advanced 2 css options, so the tattoo layout should have the rose now:

Thanks for the report!

Also, those people who want to go back to profile 1.0, you need to go back to MySpace’s editor (Click “Customize Profile” from the Profile menu on the top nav) and click “Go Back” on the very top right hand corner. It will ask you if you wanna switch back.

Hi SomaMoja ZuriAsali QUASHEBA

Thanks for the report! Myspace added another class to their body tag so our code didn’t work on your layout. We will update our code tonight. In the mean time, you can try pasting this code in the “CSS” section on Myspace’s layout editor.

body.layout_0_2_1 {background-color:#000;}

how do i get this tattoo theme code??

If you want to go back to 1.0 on myspace then go to the top bar of options, just above your main photo. Go to “Profile” and then go to “Customize Profile”. Once your 2.0 options pull up across the top of the screen you will see a button that says “Go Back” with an arrow on the top right side. That will take you back to the origional myspace 1.0..

I don’t use MySpace but kudos to you for releasing this!

I would only switch to 2.0 if I could use the pics I have on the 1.0 that I picked myself. I made my own profile and It took ALL day to get it to reflect my personality and I won’t change unless it allows me the freedom to choose pics for back-grounds and colors etc. I never tried 2.0 again cause It scared the H outta me when the page saved itself and I couldn’t switch back!! I didn’t spend all that time making my own frofile for nothin’! I did figure it out tho (no brainer as specified above) but I’m not gonna risk losing my own personal theme for nothing. Is there a way to transfer my themed pics? I don’t like any of the pre-made profiles available. Yeah I’m picky-I’ll wait for the theme creator mentioned in 10 above before trying again…..thanks tho. I know myspace is doing its best and I really enjoy it!!

how do u choose ur own 3 pics on on the profile that sit off to the right hand corner????????

go to customise profile , then go to control panel and it will say edit basic info and it gives you an option to change those three photos

not cool no chido esta feo y nosepuede vien crear tu prtopio perfil k culero la neta

i didn’t get any myspace 0.2 yet what can i do to have it?

maybe it was a good idea,on paper? i want my old page back

do not swicth 1.0 to 2.0 unless you are ready to start a completly new page.i wasnt infomed now im building from scrap.u hav been warned

dont get me wrong now.its potential is there i just dont think everyone is ready.people see 2.0 and say i got to have it.before they read anything they upgrade and then ther lost in space.justd the same hing you did with the 1.0 should eventialy work its self out.

Hi Angela, you can just click on this link and click “save my layout” and you can either sign up with the site, or skip it as a guest and get the code.

Hi Denise, yeah we are working on the 2.0 theme editor and trying to figure out what kinda options we should have. You will have all the freedom to choose colors, background images etc. just like the 1.0!

HI thomas, doesn’t Myspace keep your old Profile 1.0 for 90 days? I thought it was risk free that way.

Ok, I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about. Most of them seem to be because it is new and “scary”. Sachiko, these look great. Keep up the awesome work.

are we gonna get a theme creator for 2.0?


Hi Cool Chaser,

Your 2.0 version is a step in the right direction. Creating boxes that extend all the way across the screen from left to right is much better than chopping up the screen space with small boxes.

For my purposes, I would request that you make a version of Cool Chaser where ALL of the boxes are this way; (extending across the entire screen, like the advertisments at the top of the page.)

This would allow for a cleaner looking page, and would allow wider and larger photos to be displayed. It would make text easier to read and communicate more effectively.

This would look better than choping up the screen space into smaller little boxes.

Please create a version for larger, screen spanning boxes.

Thank you!

Aaron Wolfson – music artist


hi i’m having lots of problems with this new version, I can paste the codes for the backgrounds and it keeps telling me I need new downloads. can you pls help thanks

sorry but coolshace its fuck up !
you chanse and chanse but you think
really that this gonna be better
no it go more badly and worse .
it is itself this whay that private
solic it no longer private .
as you not rapidly do changs this or a solution offers
that there mutch will go to that court !
and its this what you want !
YES , congratulated then because have my vote them already .
have a nice thankgiving .
PS , and you do not choke in that turkey !!!

i absolutly love the 2.0 but i’m having some setbacks. when i started working on the 2.0 some how my 1.0 page got affected by it. all my letters on my page became tiny! it also done this on my 2.o page. dunno what was up w/ that since i didnt think there was n e way to change my font size on anything. and my 1.0 page graphics were all stacked on top of each other. i took it off thinking it just had some kinks still to be worked out, or did i do sometging wrong?

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i dnt like the new profile 2.0 how do i go back to profile 1.0 please e-mail me and let me know thanks

that 2.o friken sucks

get the tiny writing of my page ok its to small

how do I change the 3 pics off to the right in my Basic Info section ? ? ?

how do I change the 3 pics off to the right in my Basic Info section ? ? ? ?

how do I change the 3 pics off to the right in my Basic Info section ? ? ? ? ?

i don’t get it! how do i do it?

i hate it please tell me how to switch the fuck back….what di fuck u guyz r thinking u need to get rid of 2.0

How do you put layouts onto your profile?

I like the star layout. but, Sorry I don’t like that you can’t hide your age. Or maybe I am just not finding the time to do this.
I don’t like that you can only have 8 favorite top friends. The 1.0 can hold more than 20 friends. You can’t really do much.
So I am going back to 1.0. Maybe when you get it update. I’ll come back.

[…] Community: Search Collaborations Profile 2.0 layouts officially out! […]

[…] Profile 2.0 layouts officially out! Thanks for your patience, we finally shipped out our profile 2.0 layouts yesterday! You can go to our layout editor and […] […]

I dont like the 2.0 version of myspace, I dont feel as if I can get creative, and it’s akward to navigate. If anyone has found they liked it, please shed some light as to how to use it properly and so that others might actually like it.

when i first tried it, i thought i like the previous one better…but when i gave it another shot, i found it pleasing to the eyes : clean, organize and not boring! 😀

I am with Austen and Janet, but I can’t find answer …
How do I change the 3 smaller profile pics in lower right????

Someone please send me an answer on MySpace!!!

I am Video Artist

My url is

you really didn’t explain how you did this.

2.0 layouts grows on you.. At first your like… “OH NO!!” but then after you play with it a while you start falling in love…lol

Keep up the great work!! 🙂


Hi, I came here looking for how to turn my “2 friends” text into “2 BILLION friends” because I know NOTHING of CSS.

I’m less than a week new to myspace and found the 2.0 thing to be SO EASY and user friendly.
all the stuff for sizing, placement, backgrounds, colors is all easy to change directly in the 2.0 interface.. i don’t know why so many people hate it.

Anyway HERE is the answer how to get rid of or change those 3 little pictures in your profile:

log in, click on the top menu: PROFILE, EDIT PROFILE, then in the left menu BASIC INFO.

here you will see your pictures, and buttons to REMOVE or CHANGE them.

— if anybody knows how to tweak the text so I can have x BILLION friends please send me a message at

I need to hide the whole entire basic info. module

ive done it before and i can’t find the code ANYWERE!
please help me please.

NO! I did what you said….switched to 2.0…didn’t like it went to the “GO BACK” button in the corner…switched back:
Yes, it did save my old layout
NO, I cannot still use the 1.0 editor!!!!!!!!!!!
everytime I try to go in and make changes to my profile…(for example…i go to “edit profile”) it automatically takes me to the friggin “TRY THE NEW 2.0 profile editor”page!!!!!!!
HOW in BLUE BLAZES to I get back to where I can edit my modules and add my own backgrounds…etc…in 1.0???????????????????????

I switched from version 2.0 to 1.0 on myspace and I want to edit my profile. I go to profile editor and it automatically takes me to the
“Try the new version 2.0” page. If anyone can help please do, cuz im in need of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Fourthreichisrael ill give you a blow job!

Hey…I don’t know if this will help anyone or not but I just came back here to get a background and it won’t put it in automatically anymore….I have profile 2.0 now….I tried to put the code in the about me section but it wasn’t working so I went to customize profile…then clicked css and took out the old code then pasted the new one in…it worked!

i really hate this 2.0 **** i cant change it something about if your profile was made after apr.2 then you cant go back to 1.0 im so mad if someone knows any way to go 1.0 please email me!

is there a way to edit 2.0 layouts from the editor on myspace to make the boxes transparent????

Yeah, I can’t get the three images to change in basic info either, you go in and click ‘delete’ or change, save it, and it reverts straight back to the previous ones. Kinda annoying. I’ll just keep trying, seeing as noone here’s got anything for me.

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