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Thanks for your patience, we finally shipped out our profile 2.0 layouts yesterday! You can go to our layout editor and click on the Profile 2.0 tab and see how it looks! We are still tweaking with the conversion from 1.0 but here are some points again to note:

1) Network graphics and contact graphics are not supported in 2.0. MySpace took those boxes out so you will need to be creative and find where to use those graphics on other areas of the page! This isn’t a great example, but here’s something you can do:

Below is how the tattoo theme layout looks for 1.0

Now this is how it is converted to 2.0

Hmmm.. so it’s kinda boring right? Since there is no contact/network graphics.

So what I did was this:

A little less boring isn’t it? I put the network graphic inside the div.basicInfoDetails using advanced CSS in the theme editor. You can use the advance tab and enter your own css in there as we do insert advanced codes in both 1.0 and 2.0. Not all network graphics will work this way though, this example worked because it had a transparent background and was small. But there are so many things you can try it out so keep experimenting!

2) Tiny layouts ain’t tiny no more in Profile 2.0 – You can make it sort of tiny by going to Myspace’s Profile editor and select the tiniest width.

3) Banner layouts might look weird. We tried to use the exact code we use for Profile 1.0, but if you have a translucent layout and use Firefix, the banner will just disappear for Firefox users. (not sure if this is a bug or what) So we changed the code a bit so it will show in any browser, but if you had borders, background colors, and repeated somehow, it won’t be carried over. But theme creators can create new graphics just for the 2.0 themes so it will be compatible with both layouts this way! Not really sure the best solution yet, so we will play around a bit more!

OK i think there will be more bugs and glitches so let us know and we will try hard to perfect it as much as we can! 🙂


I know the hype is all about our Profile 2.0 release date LOL but before too late again, lemme introduce some of the great Thanksgiving themes that were created by our awesome theme creators!

thanksgiving by Sandi

Sandi is our new rising star! She has created so many beautiful Thanksgiving themes and it was so hard to pick only one! In fact, we could have just introduce all her themes here because they were all so very pretty! She already started creating Xmas themes so go check them out!

Happy Thanksgiving by Heather

Heather is another new rising star with so many great Thanksgiving themes, that I also had a hard time picking only one to feature! But no wonder because she actually is a specialist in creating beautiful primitive layouts! I love it when creators have their own distinctive style 🙂


We all know 45Steve creates awesome layouts, and here’s one that makes your stomach growl! Mmmmmm.. Turkey……with looooots of graaavy… LOL

Primitive Thanksgiving by ~ ♥ Tam ♥ ~

~ ♥ Tam ♥ ~ is also a very popular theme creator with so many beautiful Thanksgiving themes and she combines them with beautiful backgrounds. Since themes don’t usually come with backgrounds, I recommend you guys to go to her page and check out her layouts!

Thanksgiving Cute by Boutique: NOW OPEN!!

Our superstar Boutique: NOW OPEN!! keeps creating beautiful themes and here’s another great one to spice up your page for Thanksgiving day! It’s got glitter and animation – what more can you ask for! 🙂

Thanksgiving by Megan Herrick

I really like this theme by Megan because it is so colorful and pop!

Again, there are so many more wondering Thanksgiving themes, I mean the quality has been just going higher and higher everyday! When you see a theme that you really like, visit their profile page and praise them by leaving comments or giving them 5 stars! In fact I’m going to do that once I’m done blogging! 😀

MySpace just released it’s awesome Profile 2.0 that is FINALLY web standard compliant! Not that it really matters to many people, but it sure diddly did to me and I’m loving it! It might take some time for everybody to convert because we all tend to not like changes but once you get used to it, you cannot go back anymore! Of course, I see on Tom’s blog that many people are saying, eh, not for me, went back to Profile 1.0. I know you are tempted to do that but let me tell you, web standard compliant means you can actually do MUCH more to your layout, you can see how the css zen garden does it! Come on people, it’s time to move to web standard compliant sites (in this case Profile 2.0) and start using FireFox! Yes, I’m talking to you, IE6 users! 😀 Anyway, the good news is that all of the layouts on our site are going to be Profile 2.0 compatible soon so stay tuned for the release!

Some points:

1) Profile 2.0 does not have any contact box or network box images. Those graphics from Profile 1.0 won’t be carried over. (But the banner layouts sorta works!)

2) The way you update profile is gonna be significantly different. We don’t have an automated way for a while, so people would have to manually copy and paste codes into the MySpace Profile 2.0 editor.

3) If you had CoolChaser layout from Profile 1.0, you would have to manually delete all the codes once you convert to Profile 2.0, as they disable all CSS styles and make them to plain text. (so you will have lots of nerdy codes showing up on your About me)

4) Did I tell you that you can’t use our current codes for Profile 2.0? So, we will be offering BOTH Profile 1.0 codes and Profile 2.0 codes on our site soon 🙂

Will let you know soon~!

5) Also, tiny layouts won’t work anymore, but you can shrink the layouts using MySpace’s Editor (you can select the width). And any advanced CSS won’t be carried over either, so theme creators will have to rewrite the code (or add code) for it to work on 2.0. This is because all the class names are different so you need to assign the style to the appropriate class… hope this makes sense!

Update [Nov 14]:

We have a not quite fully tested version of our CoolChaser layout editor that works with Profile 2.0. If you’re brave enough, please help test it out at

Post your experiences good or bad on our forums page

Update [Nov 15]: It’s released!

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