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I know we should have featured them earlier since now people are already creating Thanksgiving themes! LOL but better now than never! Here are some of the cool Halloween themes that was created this year (we now have TONS if you count last year’s!) – here ya go!

Halloween Forest by 45Steve

Such a beautiful theme – very professional and sophisticated looking! 45Steve has lots and lots of other beautiful Halloween themes this year, reminds me of Lost John from last year! hee hee!

Vintage Halloween by Xina

Xina is currently probably the most popular theme creator! She is super creative and I see on her page that many people are leaving comments and requests for her πŸ™‚

Halloween by Just April

OK, I’m a huuuuuge fan of Just April, I mean I love every single theme she created and I just had to feature her latest masterpiece! Love it!

zombie halloween default by β–“β™ͺβ˜†β™‘β™₯ღ↓Amy↓ღβ™₯β™‘β˜†β™ͺβ–“

Another theme by β–“β™ͺβ˜†β™‘β™₯ღ↓Amy↓ღβ™₯β™‘β˜†β™ͺβ–“ , so cute that you just wanna collect them and eat them all! LOL She has a collection of these default halloween themes on her page, so go check them out!

Sexy Halloween Carver by β˜½β˜†Tammyβ˜†β˜Ύ

β˜½β˜†Tammyβ˜†β˜Ύ‘s themes just stands out from the crowd – she always perfectly chooses graphics, fonts and colors on her themes to have a unified look! Something that sounds easy but is actually hard to do, you know!

Halloween Cute by Boutique: NOW OPEN!!

Boutique: NOW OPEN!! has been soooo popular on our site too so I had to introduce her Halloween theme as well! She has an amazing 500+ themes to choose from! Just amazing!

Again, there are soooo many more beautiful beautiful Halloween themes on our site, so go check them out! You can either search “halloween” on or layout editor or browse through our search page!

Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!


To anybody, no strings attached! What am I talking about? Well, those who didn’t want to register with CoolChaser couldn’t get our layouts before because we were afraid it was gonna kill our server with tons of unused background images. Well somehow our super engineer Weiwen came up with some magic way to solve this problem so we can give them out to anybody! This way you can just try our layouts out, see if you like them, and then if you do, become a member so you can save all your layouts, edit them, and create themes for thousands of other people to use πŸ™‚

Hey CoolChasers, we got some really cool, fun and addictive games on our site now so if you get bored creating layouts, you can take a break and play some games! Of course, make sure you do your homework/work first! LOL

Here are some of the most popular games on our site!

Stunt Bike Delux (I just tried it and crashed within 16 seconds – I look like a dork! LOL)

Swim, Fish, Swim (So simple but sooo hard!)

Caravan Parking 2 (GAH! I’m not good at any of these games!)

GIRLZ PHOTOPLAY! (Yup yup, this game is more for me, I love puzzles. hee hee!)

And there are tons and tons of more games. Go check them out right now! And let me know how to play those games above LOL

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