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New Photobucket Image Search

Posted on: September 8, 2008

We added Photobucket to the search for background images! Go check it out!

  • TIP: If an image is less than 200px by 200px, it will not be stretched out to fit the screen. You can go in step 3. More Options and choose Repeat: “BOTH” and you will see the image tiled over the whole screen. You should try this option if you click on an image and nothing seems to happen. It’s probably so small you can’t even see it until you have it tiled.

I’ve already made lots of layouts using the Photobucket search!

We hope you love it too! Thanks photobucket! YOU ROCK!


8 Responses to "New Photobucket Image Search"

how can i gett this pic on my page ..??

i want get yhis layout


I need a background image with palestinian children
throwing pebbles.

Cheick Salih Sanoko

The new Photobucket search thing sucks…u cant even search for an image it wants u to go into the stupid categories that dont even have the images im searching for in them -.-

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