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More new stuff!! We added a comment section to everyone’s Coolchaser profile! Now when you visit someone’s profile you can tell them what you think of their layouts!

You will see the comment section like this:

Image Example

Image Example

You can click “Leave a Comment” at the to of the last comment to add your own.

When you are on your “home page” where you see your layout history, you will see on the top right side the number of comments and votes you have!

Image Example

Image Example

Sounds like fun right! If you see a layout you love, you should click on the creators profile link under the image and let them know in a comment! 🙂

Thanks to :


We added Photobucket to the search for background images! Go check it out!

  • TIP: If an image is less than 200px by 200px, it will not be stretched out to fit the screen. You can go in step 3. More Options and choose Repeat: “BOTH” and you will see the image tiled over the whole screen. You should try this option if you click on an image and nothing seems to happen. It’s probably so small you can’t even see it until you have it tiled.

I’ve already made lots of layouts using the Photobucket search!

We hope you love it too! Thanks photobucket! YOU ROCK!

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You can create your own original layout in a snap!
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