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Bringing Sexy Back

Posted on: August 27, 2008

Yup, that’s right, the auto embed is BACK! MySpace lifted the blocking of sites that do off site authentication (aka asking for people’s MySpace username and password) until they come up with their own tool! This is great news as we really realized that people loved the auto embed feature from our previous post. Now we have BOTH the auto embed AND codes!

The only thing still different from the auto embed we had before is that you need to do it twice for the profile and the blog. But that’s still much less work than doing it manually, right guys? 😀

I hope you guys enjoy updating your layouts again! 🙂



21 Responses to "Bringing Sexy Back"

sexy is back.

hey, i just saw today that the Lily Allen music myspace has a coolchaser background. That’s pretty nifty.

Hey Starla! You are right! It’s this page 🙂

And she’s using the theme I created! Hee hee! (disclaimer: the images are from photobucket :P)

Gonna put this on the forum thread!

let it rain let it thunde drag tha red rag let blue fly high surenos don’t die mutherfucker we multiply!

kill a norteno win a prize kill a sur and your whole fuckin family dies!


donde chingados consigo el code de los layouts

que onda

I have a video embedded and want to remove, how do I do that – i did this by mistake and now have 2 on there that both need to come off. Help! What do I do? I’m older and probably have no business doing this, but I have to get these off. thank you.

OMG! Thank God! I’m so glad. =]

SELam arKADaşlar BEN HAVA ya adreslerinizi yazında ekliyelim sizİ..BU aradA beN TÜRKÜM..SİZ NERDEnsiNİZ SOLEseniz İYİ oluCAKta anlamıYCAnızKİ şimdi yazdıklARIMI da..neyse YA..HEPinizi öptüM BEBİşler..

Never mind my previous statement…found out where regarding the auto embed! I’m sure as a new user I will appreciate.

неплохая мысль +1

I just wana let everyone here know that I AM SEXY but I AINT BACK! haha Im just messin around ya’ll but can somebody tell me what is going on with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel?? JT meets JB?? Hmm.. I think I see something good in their future but I WANT JB!

برامج جوال نوكيا N82 وبرامج أخرى
أحدث برامج سكس عربيه ومقاطع غناء رقص خاصه

thank God!!!!

fuck the man that never helped to improve this united state this is what my conversation had to say and my name on my printed cds makaveli second tupac third 2pac the return of makaveli

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