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Che Che Che Changes!

Posted on: August 20, 2008

Hi CoolChasers! As some of you may have noticed, we are no longer asking for MySpace passwords and just  giving out codes instead of offering the auto insert functionality.  Old users, just login as usual and you should be able to see all your layouts & theme history. You can also change your password to anything you like. New users, you can just create an account with CoolChaser and store all your layouts and themes for future use.

So what’s up with the change? Remember when we said we wanted to make it as easy as possible to update MySpace layouts? Personally, I had so much trouble doing it because I just didn’t know where to paste the code on MySpace which I blogged about long time ago and realized there were so many other people with the same problem. We were kinda inspired by Slide, and thought it was really cool that they can do an auto insert to update  profiles so we tried it out ourselves. It was such a big difference! To update the profile AND blog layout was a snap, against the old fashion of way of copying and pasting codes which took much more clicking and time (only one click vs 20 clicks… I’m not exaggerating!)

So why show codes now? Yeah yeah, I’m getting there! 😀 In order to do this cool instant update profile thing, we needed to ask for people’s MySpace user name and password. Most of the people were happy but some people were concerned which we totally understood! So we blogged about how we don’t store passowrds, also wrote on the help page that we are totally a safe site, and our loyal users were so helpful in explaining to new users that we are totally a safe site too on the forum – we love you guys! xoxoxo

However, no matter how hard we explained, some people still frowned upon the fact that we ask for MySpace passwords – all of them who never tried our site thou LOL And MySpace was of course, one of them and we heard from some sources that MySpace was going to block all the sites that do that. They are suffering so much from phishing sites out there so we understand their position too.

This is some good news: people who are hesitant to use our site can thoroughly enjoy it now, and to tell you the truth, it is also a bit of a relief that we don’t have to explain how safe our site is. For those who  miss the auto insert feature, we want to work with MySpace to come up with a safe and easy-to-use tool. Please contact MySpace to tell them you love CoolChaser, so they will work with us!

Let us know if you have any questions, or any feedback to the new system is greatly appreciated!


63 Responses to "Che Che Che Changes!"

I was fine with it b4; but I have no problem with it now!
I was able to change my page this mourning just as easy as b4 I just had to do the work!!!
People have trust isues….
I thought it was easier the way it was b4 though…

Hi Jonathan, thanks so much for the feedback!

Yeah, it’s much more tedious now (especially doing both the profile and blog) but I’m glad you had no problem!

But yeah, it was much much easier before… I heard that MySpace might come up with a tool that lets user embed codes automatically in couple of months.. that would be great if it really happens!

I think it’s good you no longer ask for myspace passwords. I like using your codes but was not cool with entering my password every time.

Hey Susana, thanks for your comments too 🙂 Yeah, I think after all this was a good change! But I wish we can do both ways… maybe after MySpace gets their tool developed – then it would be perfect!

[…] Che Che Che Changes! Hi CoolChasers! As some of you may have noticed, we are no longer asking for MySpace passwords and just  giving out […] […]

Heeeyyy everyone,

Honestly I think this really sucks, I also beleive that
the other way was very awesome, no copy nor past.
Simply fill in the slide it and was done automatics!!

tooo bad….=(

new to coolchasers, where the heck are the codes?

~Janet~ I liked the automated way too. Just cuz I’m too lazy to copy and paste all the time! 😉

The codes will show up after you save the layout. So you can preview the layout and if you like it, click “save my layout” and you can sign up for Coolchaser and get the code! 🙂

awww…well I liked the old way also! But it’s ok…no biggie b/c there was alot of people who were skeptical of giving out there myspace passwords. Even I was at first but I never ever had a problem out of it. Oh well, out with the old and in with the new!!

I am going to miss the auto thing, I loved it </3 but I guess I’ll just need to get used to this..

I hate ur knew way its crap and i have no idear how to use it so thanks a lot 😦

I can’t change my layout anymore. I mean I change it buy it still stays the same. Help……………..

how the fuck do u put ur finshed thing on myspace!!! god this is so fucking retared now i can’t have a cool casher background/theam the dip shit who caused this is a barsted PS die in hell

I hate it. I can’t even change my profile. Now I have none

Oh MY! It looks like some people are indeed having trouble pasting the codes!

Rosey, ANNETTE, did you watch the video on how to do it manually?

Here are the links to the videos!!! Let me know if it worked!

Update Profile:

Update Blog:

i cannot change my page anymore its like mine is stuck

i copied and pasted it fine but my old one that i used to have won’t change =/ Its like now that coolchaser does’nt apply it for me, its stuck on the last one it automatically applied. Now when i apply it myself it doesnt show =//// help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julian, did you erase your old layout? Let me know of your myspace profile page so I can take a look.

is there anyway i could get it the other way for like 5 min. cuz my computer wont let me do it myself

Hahaha you know whats funny? the first time i found this site i was like. ohhh, it asks for passwords and such?….kay haha, i never really gave it much thought of it being a phishing site i was like…kaycool lets do it lol

Hi Colten, I know, I wish I can bring back the old system, it’s such a hassle. Can you tell me more in details how you are having trouble with pasting codes? Maybe I can help.

Hi Free, thanks for the funny comment LOL well be careful, there are some sites out there that are malicious! LOL

My myspace layout is stuck now and I cant change it. Can someone tell me if it is because of the new changes on this site and what do I do about it? Is it this sites fault? Thanks….Mark

I cant change my layout and want to no why CoolChasers!
Please dont make me feel sorry I ever used this site.

I do it just like your video shows…its not hard…I just cant edit my myspace anymore. Cant get your layout off my site !!!!! Mark

Will someone from COOLCHASERS help me please!
My questions are above !!!!!!!!!!

…..i understand why but then again the people that didnt like it b4 didnt have 2 use it RIGHT? now they have ruined it 4 the rest of us…………..this was the only way i could change my profile all by myself……im very sad

I though this site was perfect the way it was…I been using this site forever and I loved how It was simple for me to click a few places to set up my page then you will put it on for me making sure I didn’t erase any of my about me….but I guess for every good site theirs a bad site tryin to mess up a good thing..

Hi Mark, just remove EVERYTHING inside your “About me” box. Make sure to keep a backup of the text you entered there so you won’t lose your content though. It’s literally impossible to have a layout stuck to your page, really! Unless you used the MySpace’s Profile Editor. If you did, you need to go back to them and click “No Style.”

Let me know the address of your MySpace page if you are still having trouble. If it’s set to private, you need to add as a friend so I can take a look.

Kandipantz and Mykal, thanks for the comments. I wish somehow we can get the auto embed function back too. Let’s count on MySpace to get that tool developed soon!

I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Are you serious?! I mean, I understand everyone’s Dilemma here, but I liked it the way it was! And people who have a problem with giving their information don’t have to use t site! OR- better yet- why don’t you guys have the auto-insert still for those who want it, and then for those who don’t, youcould just have a “manual code” link or something? Cuz it was honestly way easier the way you guys had it. I loved Coolchaser the way it was. Please try and get it back to that! =]

new to coolchasers, where the heck are the codes?

omg this is soo…. gay i wish it could be bak the way it wat so put it back!!!!!

I liked the old way too; but it sounds like it’s myspace I should complain to, right?

Hi. My layout code doesn’t show up. There’s no box…nothing to copy over to my about me. It’s like the code box just doesn’t exist. I thought it was because I just set up the account, so I logged off and back on again…still no layout codes. Is there a problem? I want to use you guys, but if I can’t get a layout code, what use is it?

Hey, I think I may have figured out why some people can’t change their layouts even when they enter new code. When I checked, my About Me section had layout code for my old layout at the bottom of the About Me section as well as at the top. Possibly this was inserted during the use of the auto-insertion feature. So, for those who are having trouble, I’d check the whole box to make sure that there is no other profile code in it. Like sachiko says, remove everything if necessary. It worked for me.

Well, I think it was easier to use the auto-mated but it took too long to load, put to just copy/paste, it’s way faster, which is pretty cooler, and anwyays, I like both ideas, but here’s another idea

When people are done creating their layout, there should be a question asking “Would you like for your layout to be automatically added, or would you like to copy/paste it into yours?”

It would be much better! =)

Hey guys, thanks so much for the feedbacks. So we wish we could have kept the auto embed feature along with the codes but we got an email from one of the MySpace person that said, asking for a MySpace username and password is a sever voliation of thier TOS and MySpace will be blacklisting the IP’s of people who do not remove the functionality asap from their sites. Obviously we didn’t want our site to be blacklisted! We explained to them that we are a legit site but they had kind of a “no means no” attitude. I guess they couldn’t afford to have “exceptions” maybe…

Ace, thanks for the tip 🙂 Yes, maybe the code is all the way in the bottom so people cannot find them. Also, Prinkinc, not sure why but we did hear for some people Gigya isn’t showing up (Gigya is the tool we use to show codes.) Can you tell me what version of Flash player you have? It could be that the Flash you have is old or something. Let me know!

yeah…. im not recieving any code to copy and paste or anything… now i got no background… period…

Maybe people can convince Myspace to have cool chaser as an application on the home page for a user. So you guys would still have the auto insert and not have to worry about explaining how safe you are.

Although I prefer the old way (mainly because I’m a little lazy, and liked the way it did the work for me)I’m happy to see this happen. Now, the widget works on my MySpace page. So it takes a little (emphasis on little) more work to install everything. I can live with that. Thanks crew. Y’all are da bomb!!!

Hey Chris, I sent you an email asking for details about your problem so let me know when you see the prob again! Thanks Jake for the comment! I hope MySpace is reading this thread actually! hee hee!

Hey Lost John, thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you don’t find it too cumbersome to copy paste code! Yeah I’m glad the widget started working, they re-activated really really fast after we changed the system. I was quite surprised!

put it back!!! the old way!!! this dumb clip board is non existant!! i can not change my my profile as easily as before….matter of fact, can’t change at all!!! very dissapointing… some things are just best left alone …


well i have to kinda admit…this sucks, do you think though if enough people put in a request to myspace that they would let this site be an exception?

well my computer is kinda old and for the code to pop up for the layout i have to download somthin and no matter how much i try my computer wont let me

It should’ve been left as before…much easier. Too bad you took this option away. How about if you make it a choice, like we can choose if we want auto-insert with password, or manual code insert? That’d be better. I don’t like the new way.. 😦

Hey people! Good news, we are going to have the auto embed function back soon!! It will be updated on our site today around mid night! 🙂 Stay tuned!!

i think this way is so confusing its real annoying, i cant even get the layout i want

I tried pasting the codes in my about me section, but when i looked at my profile the old, automatically embeded layout was still there =/
What should I do?

[…] own tool! This is great news as we really realized that people loved the auto embed feature from our previous post. Now we have BOTH the auto embed AND […]

pls help me to take a layout

My profile keeps disappearing. When I delete your code, it comes back. Somehow your code is screwing up my profile. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

This fucking sucks

how do i take the layout off of my page it automatically added the layout on my page but when i try to edit my page i can not take it off nor add or take any of my pics,widgets,etc off of my page anymore this was my first time using this service usually in the past i get the codes from other websites and manually do it myself

First time on this site. Looking for a site that offers easy application process. Sachiko mentioned on August 27 that the auto embed function has returned and to stay tune for more information. Today is September 14, any new information? I might have missed the auto embed if on the site, is it available and if not when?

[…] Che Che Che Changes! Hi CoolChasers! As some of you may have noticed, we are no longer asking for MySpace passwords and just  giving out […] […]

[…] are pretty sure many people will miss this functionality as last time we were told to show only codes, lots of our users weren’t happy (58 comments!) I already see many people confused again […]

[…] own tool! This is great news as we really realized that people loved the auto embed feature from our previous post. Now we have BOTH the auto embed AND […]

[…] are pretty sure many people will miss this functionality as last time we were told to show only codes, lots of our users weren’t happy (58 comments!) I already see many people confused again […]

hey, can anyone help me out? i just did the auto insert thing and now the coolchaser search wont stop popping up and interrupting other pages. how do i get rid of it, or how can i fix it?


I’m sick of this. It’s been going on for months. Coolchaser search engine just takes control of your computer when ever it wants and pops up. This has got to be an illegal program of some type. All my friends have the same problem. So this effecting a lot of people. Unacceptable.

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