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Yup, that’s right, the auto embed is BACK! MySpace lifted the blocking of sites that do off site authentication (aka asking for people’s MySpace username and password) until they come up with their own tool! This is great news as we really realized that people loved the auto embed feature from our previous post. Now we have BOTH the auto embed AND codes!

The only thing still different from the auto embed we had before is that you need to do it twice for the profile and the blog. But that’s still much less work than doing it manually, right guys? 😀

I hope you guys enjoy updating your layouts again! 🙂



Hi CoolChasers! As some of you may have noticed, we are no longer asking for MySpace passwords and just  giving out codes instead of offering the auto insert functionality.  Old users, just login as usual and you should be able to see all your layouts & theme history. You can also change your password to anything you like. New users, you can just create an account with CoolChaser and store all your layouts and themes for future use.

So what’s up with the change? Remember when we said we wanted to make it as easy as possible to update MySpace layouts? Personally, I had so much trouble doing it because I just didn’t know where to paste the code on MySpace which I blogged about long time ago and realized there were so many other people with the same problem. We were kinda inspired by Slide, and thought it was really cool that they can do an auto insert to update  profiles so we tried it out ourselves. It was such a big difference! To update the profile AND blog layout was a snap, against the old fashion of way of copying and pasting codes which took much more clicking and time (only one click vs 20 clicks… I’m not exaggerating!)

So why show codes now? Yeah yeah, I’m getting there! 😀 In order to do this cool instant update profile thing, we needed to ask for people’s MySpace user name and password. Most of the people were happy but some people were concerned which we totally understood! So we blogged about how we don’t store passowrds, also wrote on the help page that we are totally a safe site, and our loyal users were so helpful in explaining to new users that we are totally a safe site too on the forum – we love you guys! xoxoxo

However, no matter how hard we explained, some people still frowned upon the fact that we ask for MySpace passwords – all of them who never tried our site thou LOL And MySpace was of course, one of them and we heard from some sources that MySpace was going to block all the sites that do that. They are suffering so much from phishing sites out there so we understand their position too.

This is some good news: people who are hesitant to use our site can thoroughly enjoy it now, and to tell you the truth, it is also a bit of a relief that we don’t have to explain how safe our site is. For those who  miss the auto insert feature, we want to work with MySpace to come up with a safe and easy-to-use tool. Please contact MySpace to tell them you love CoolChaser, so they will work with us!

Let us know if you have any questions, or any feedback to the new system is greatly appreciated!

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