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Get Firefox 3!

Posted on: June 17, 2008

Congrats Mozilla on releasing Firefox 3! Join millions of others and get yours today free! We couldn’t have developed CoolChaser, ClipClip nor without Firefox and we’re sure glad they’re continuing to lead the way in cool new features.

Mac users, the disappearing flash widgets bug is finally fixed. That’s another reason to upgrade 😉


9 Responses to "Get Firefox 3!"

I heard a rumour that HP have struck a deal with Mozilla and will introduce Firefox 3 as their default browser!? For me, after years of using the AOL browser..Mozilla Rules!! 🙂

Love Coolchaser

Thanks Firefox…

Couldn’t do it with out you!

have a making firefox!

That’s great news! But, there is a same problem in FireFox 3, which is lack of Plug-Ins. The video and flash plug-in has not added in this version also.

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The browser is fast, renders accurately, and doesn’t crash. Multiple tabs or windows, complex pages, lots of embedded content … Firefox 3 can handle it all with no fuss.In fact, it actually renders some pages better than Firefox 2, specifically some pop-up forms regularly used in our Yahoo! publishing tool, which didn’t display with the right width under Firefox 2. With Firefox 3 they execute perfectly.Great attempt and all the best for FF3.
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