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Congrats Mozilla on releasing Firefox 3! Join millions of others and get yours today free! We couldn’t have developed CoolChaser, ClipClip nor without Firefox and we’re sure glad they’re continuing to lead the way in cool new features.

Mac users, the disappearing flash widgets bug is finally fixed. That’s another reason to upgrade 😉


Howdy CoolChasers! We just launched a long awaited feature that lets you save themes into your “my favorite” themes so you can access them later on! We literally have thousands of themes, and finding a theme that you liked before was literally impossible!

It’s pretty self explanatory, but let me show you how to add themes to your favorites!

1) First make sure you are logged in 🙂 (first time users, you have to create a layout first with us and then you will be logged in automatically)

2) If you see a theme that you like, you can either just use it right away, OR you can save it to your favorites for later use! I found this cool Metal Gear Solid 4 layout.

Not sure if I want to use it yet, so gonna save it to my favorites by clicking the “Add to Favorites” link on the “About this theme” box.

3) You can access what you saved in “My themes” tab.

That’s it! Isn’t that cool? This way, you can save bunch of them in there and make your final decision without flipping through many many pages to find the ones your liked before.

We are hoping to show more relevant results to “popular themes” by incorporating how many people marked a certain theme as their favorites also.

There could be some bugs, so let us know if you see things acting weird. Hope you enjoy!

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