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Here’s a great tip for using to find an awesome background for your MySpace profile! Not all images on the internet are free. So when we make our layouts, we need to make sure the background isn’t under copyright. You can do this easily right in our editor. Once you search for a background, click on one to see what it will look like in the preview. You will see the background and you will also see the link to the site the background came from in the “About Me” preview so you can check to see if it’s ok to use that image. Here is an example of what it looks like when you are previewing a background image:

Is My Background a Copyright

Where it says “background from Yahoo search result” is the link to the original site this background image came from. Click the link to visit that site. It will open in a new window, so you don’t have to worry about losing your place in the editor. I told you it was easy!

If you have any questions about it, checkout the help section at the bottom of We want you to have an awesome layout, that’s why we are here!



We started off using space as a delimiter for tags(a.k.a. categories, keywords, labels). For instance, if you tag your clip “Bob Dylan songs”. It would appear as three separate tags: Bob, Dylan, and songs. If you want to choose a phrase as a tag, you wi have to trick the system by putting a hyphen between the words (e.g. Bob-Dylan-Songs), camelizing (e.g. BobDylanSongs), or something like that. Either way, it is kind of unnatural and not good for exploring by tags.  

We are switching over to comma delimited tags. Using the above example, you can tag it as “Bob Dylan songs, songs, music”. This will create three separate tags: Bob Dylan songs, songs, and music. You can use as many tags as you like. Hope it will make your life easier.

Happy clipping & tagging!


*UPDATE* You can now tile a small image in the editor to see what it will look like before you put it on your profile! (thanks Chao!) You can still watch my video to see how to use the options in the editor to make a small background image tile.

We have added a few new things you can do with Coolchaser. One of them is now you can use a small background image and tile it. The image has to be less than 200px by 200px for it to work. You will still see it all stretched out in the editor, but it will be the normal size once you put it on your profile. I thought this may be confusing since you can’t see what it will look like in the editor. So, I made a video to show you how I made a layout using this type of background.

I sound like a big nerd, but you’ll get the idea! 🙂

Big thanks to for making this video possible.

I’m sure you tell your mom how much you love her everyday like I do 😀 but why not express your love on your MySpace layout as well? I found some cool Mother’s Day themes that will let you do just that!

Mother’s Day Rose Love by Lisa J.

I really like the banner on this layout, it’s totally a Mother’s Day card turned into a MySpace layout! I’m sure your mom will be happy seeing this on your page.

Pretty pink rose by Ashley

Can’t have the flower sent to your mom on time (uh-oh)? Well, in the meantime, send your mom a bouquet of pink roses by putting this on your page! Such a pretty theme with great use of graphics!

mother’s day by Rita

Everybody loves Betty Boop and so does your mom! A very fun and sparkly theme that will bring a smile to everybody’s face! (am I sounding too cheesy today? :D)

MOM by ♥Melinda♥

If you want something more different, this theme is for you! This is a more urban and chic theme for stylish moms! A very unique way of using black and white, I love it!

Happy Mothers Day by HappyCat

Another excellent theme that warms your heart, you can’t see it in this thumbnail, but it has such a sweet message on the network graphic too!

a mothers love by holli

More heart warming quotes! If you aren’t good with words like me, choosing this layout might help you express how you feel about your mom!

As usual, I couldn’t introduce all the other great Mother’s Day themes, but thanks to all of the talented people for sharing these beautiful themes!

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