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It’s been a while since we had any updates on ClipClip, it’s not that we have forgotten about our loyal users – we were just a little too busy with other projects. But good news guys! We have our super engineer Weiwen working on ClipClip again and she has added some awesome new features!

The features are:
1. empower users to remove spam comments from their clips
2. empower group founders to remove spam comments from their groups
3. ask users to flag clips that aren’t belong to the group

That’s right, now you can remove or flag all those spams that were totally unrelated to your group.

For example, I created a group called “Clipclip tips” hoping people will share tips on how they use Clipclip back in Dec 13 2006. As of today, April 29, 2008, it had 37 spams out of 43 clips!! I asked people NOT to clip any spammy clips in the group but that didn’t stop the spammers at all 😦 Well, it took some time to remove all those damn spams but now I have my group back in control! 🙂

So those who were worried about creating a group, now you can have control over the contents so hope you create some interesting and useful groups to store your clips with your friends!

Happy clipping!


I love those Myspace Layouts where you can see the background through all the tables! I’m going to show you how to do this and make the perfect layout! If you are not sure what I mean here are two great examples of how to do this the right way:

Texas theme by Lost John:

Texas Theme

Scroll theme by Chamorita:

Scroll Theme

NOW :: Here is how to make your own and make it look awesome!!

First: you have to create a layout in our Layout Editor.

Second: Choose how see through you want it using “Other Options”.

Third: You have to make sure a few things. Like, make sure you can read the text. If you can’t read the text, then try picking a different theme that will contrast with your background. As a general rule pick a theme with dark text if you have a light colored background. Or pick a theme with light text if you have a dark background. *UPDATE* If you have a MAC and are using Firefox, make sure you have the latest version of Firefox in order for your layout to display correctly! 🙂


(This example is using Classic theme by KIKKI)

Partial See Through Tables

This next one is with “none” selected.

Solid Color


Can't read

I hope this helps you make the best Myspace Layouts!!

Ask questions or show off your skills in our forum!

On our sister site,, we now support other network sites such as Hi5, My Year Book, and Yuwie!

For example, this is my favorite Christmas layout made by Heathaaa!

Now you can get layouts for other networks by putting the layout id to the end of the url.

Isn’t that cool??

There are couple of bugs:

1) For Yuwie layouts with no network images, there’s a floating border 😦 So I think I need to take out those borders in general for Yuwie layouts. Go grab them now if you have a network graphic and a border which you want to use of Yuwie! (hint hint Lost John ;))

2) The font-family for the header is a bit screwed up for other networks.I think I had !important on places that I didn’t need. This will be fixed soon.

Let me know if you run into any other problems!

This is for all of you hard core MySpace Layout makers out there! I’m going to show you how you can make tons of layouts without having to change your profile every time you save. Let’s get started…

Step 1: Make the layout in the layout editor (duh!)

Step 2: Go to “Other Options” and UNCHECK the matching blog box. (see image example)

Uncheck Matching Blog Box

Step 3: Click “Update My Profile” and enter your info.

Step 4: When the security text appears, DON’T enter it. Instead, click the link just below the text entry box that says “Not working? You can update manually”. (see image example)

Click the Not Working Link

THAT’S IT! Clicking that link will take you straight to your Coolchaser layout history without changing your profile! Now go make tons of layouts and share them with all your friends!

Don’t forget, you can add the new Coolchaser Myspace Widget to your profile to show off all your awesome Myspace Layouts.

Get it HERE

Feel free to brag on your serious skills in our forum! You might end up being featured on our front page!

Coolchaser Forums!

Show Off Your Extreme Myspace Layout Designing Skills!

Take your addiction of making Myspace layouts to the next level. We have launched a new widget for your Myspace profile!

With this widget, now you can:

  • Proudly display your layouts and themes on your Myspace profile!
  • People can put your cool layouts on their own Myspace profile right from your page.
  • If you make layouts for your friends, they can pick up their new layout from your profile page too!

Add the CoolChaser widget to your profile to start sharing your amazing creations with your friends. CLICK HERE!

Looking for MySpace stuff?

If you are looking for MySpace 1.0 layouts, MySpace 2.0 layouts, and MySpace blog layouts, visit!

You can create your own original layout in a snap!
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