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Is Your Comment Section Too Wide?

Posted on: March 26, 2008

I am going to show you an easy trick to fix comments that are too BIG!

Do you look at your profile and see that it’s sort of pushed to the left side, then scroll down further and find your comments section is huge? Or maybe your profile is now sooo wide that it’s off the screen and you have to scroll left and right to see everything!

OH NO! Well, no worries! HELP is here!

You can put this very easy code in your ‘Who I’d Like to Meet’ section and it will make the pics and videos people send you in a comment smaller.

.columnsWidening img {width:200px;}
.columnsWidening object, .columnsWidening embed {
width:250px !important;
height:200px !important;

If you use this code and your comments section is still wide, then you should scroll through and look for one that has a long link or a long line of text without spaces. That will also mess up your beautiful profile! If you find a comment like that, just delete it and everything will be normal again!

You can find more useful Myspace Codes in our forum!

If you can’t find the code you are looking for, just ask! I’m always here to rescue your profile and save the Myspace day! Our forums are the best place to get help with your Myspace profile and learn cool things you can do with Coolchaser layouts. So don’t be shy to ask questions or show off your awesome layouts! See you there!


15 Responses to "Is Your Comment Section Too Wide?"

Hey hey Heathaaa, glad you were able to make the post! This blog is starting to loook gooood! πŸ™‚

Thanks Sachiko!!

We should collect all your tips, and have a page to auto-embed for users!

Chao, that’s a sure ’nuff great idea!

That is a great idea! We need to make it clear to everyone where this code is being placed tho. So they can easily find and delete it, if they decide they don’t need it anymore.

Possibly wrap it in a Coolchaser div like we do with the layouts so they can look for the Coolchaser code.

thank u soooooooooo much

u just saved my life

thank you much for the advice. it worked perfectly & now I am not frustrated about my comments section anymore πŸ™‚

this didnt work on mine

nice Idea boss πŸ™‚



hmm sorry for the doublepost, but it seems to work indeed?

I typed a long line without spaces and it seems to break fine.

can someone please tell me how to do this?

Justalittletesttoseeif thedashesmadeitbreakupthelonglineinmypreviouspostsyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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