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Blog inserts back up

Posted on: January 23, 2008

Update: Blog inserts are back up (Feb 24th 10pm PST)

Never rains but it pours! Sorry folks, we had a massive slowdown in performance for a few hours today. We’ve traced it down to a slowdown in MySpace’s blog updating performance which caused a cascading slowdown in our servers. We’ve turned off blog inserting temporarily, and will be working on a more permanent solution in the next few days.

Meanwhile, expect us to turn back blog layout inserts once MySpace has fixed their issues. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenienced caused 😦


15 Responses to "Blog inserts back up"

i want the blog insert deleted off my page cause i’m changing my layout!!!

steph: To delete the blog layout, check our FAQ on the forums:
under “How do I delete the layout?”

I know you’ve probably been dealing with questions about this all day, but is there a way to get the blog’s CSS code like we can do with the standard profile coding bits?

I wasn’t able to locate such a creature, but this garbage satellite ‘net connection I’m stuck with here at work could have very well hampered proper page loading and caused me to miss it.

Go figure that I just found you folks today, too.
Great job with a very intuitive setup, by the way.
Good luck with getting ol’ Murdoch’s crack team of IT guys to actually causing something to work properly!

thereisnobo: blog inserts are back up. But your tip is a good idea. We’ll think of a suitable place to publish th e codes.

how do i get one of ur myspace layouts off?


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When will coolchaser be back up and running?

aww that sucks..
how will i make my layout noe..

This is so lame can you get it back up soon???

omg you guys complain so damn much one fin day you cant do one simple thing and its like mass chaos omg like really i thiunk some of yall need to live a little

WTH! what is with this upgrade to pro crap? this is really pissing me off.
and here i thought i could trust u peoples >.<
and then u start using my myspace profile as a freaking billboard…
and why the hell does it say fucking photobucket???? AUUGHHH! sorry just really pisses me off..

evan: you’re just using a user-submitted theme whose bandwidth has exceeded photobucket’s limit. You can choose another theme to fix the problem

how do you change your blog backgrounds once you have all ready added one i find its to dark and i want to change it thanks tammy

when is your generator going to be back up??? Im trying to upload a pic and it’s not working…

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