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Featured Themes VI – Christmas Edition

Posted on: December 3, 2007

How many days till Christmas? Not too many days, pressure pressure! Go grab one of the beautiful Christmas themes that were created by our wonderful CoolChasers before too late! Let me introduce some of the most popular and interesting Christmas themes just to get you guys excited! (or pressured!)

Christmas by 11-21-07 ❤ 10 MONTHS!! I LOVE YOU HONEY!!

christmas 01

This was one of the earliest Christmas theme that was created on our site and also one of the most beautiful and elegant 🙂 It is just amazing how 11-21-07 ❤ 10 MONTHS!! I LOVE YOU HONEY!! created so many themes in such a short time! Her most popular theme includes the music theme which was used by 3342 people.

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! by Starla

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown by Starla

Starla is one of our super CoolChaser who created a very popular theme called Live Your Life which was used 2981 times within only a month. This Peanuts Christmas theme makes you feel so fuzzy and warm even if Charlie is out in the snow, doesn’t it? 🙂

Vintage Christmas by Jackie

Vintage Xmas by Jackie

Another warm and fuzzy Christmas theme by Jackie that I immediately liked! Many of her themes have a very warm feeling to it – if you like warm and girly themes, she is somebody to keep an eye on 🙂 Her other popular Christmas theme is worth checking out too!

Sexy Santa Lady by Shady AKA Chamorita

Sexy Santa by Shady AKA Chamorita

I just love love love love this theme xoxoxo! I really like everything about it 🙂 As always Chamorita (Shady is actually Chamorita :)) has great design skillz!

Christmas 021 – Snoopy’s Workshop by Lost John

Snoopy Christmas by Lost John

Another Peanuts Christmas theme that just makes you smile! This is one of Lost John’s most popular Christmas theme which can be combined with lots of different backgrounds.. I tried a light blue snow flake background but a red background works too!

Snow Man Holiday Christmas by Heathaaa!

snow man holiday christmas by Heathaaa!

OK the last but not the least, one of my favorite one by Heathaaa! I just love love love this theme and I’m using it right now myself! hee hee!

Other good keywords to search for holiday themes are: candy cane, winter, and santa! 🙂 Hope you all enjoy all the Holiday themes! If I have time, I’ll keep featuring more because there are just soo many beautiful ones!


9 Responses to "Featured Themes VI – Christmas Edition"

Ok..I like this snowman by heathaaa…how do I use it now? I’m new at this.

Hi Phyllis, just go to this page:

You can select your own background on Step 2 to make it into your own original layout 🙂

I like the Snoopy one 🙂

Thanks..I’ll try

جوک،لطیفه وطنز،انواع طالع بینی،بیوگرافی وگالری عکس بازیگران،اس ام اس های خنده دار و عاشقانه،مطالب جالب،اخبار سینما تلویزیون،ورزشی ،آی تی،حوادث،پزشکی،عکس های خنده دار وعاشقانه،آموزش آشپزی،دعا مشکل گشا

I love Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!, but it says bandwidth exceeded. How do I make it work? Do I have to upgrade to Photobucket Pro, or does the person who created it?

Hi Amber, yeah it looks like the creator ran out bandwidth. She will either need to upgrade her account to pro or you can copy all the images to your account and recreate the layout… If you have an account with CoolChaser you can use this link

and replace the images… Hope this helps!

[…] Featured Themes VI – Christmas Edition « CoolChaser Blog 3 Dec 2007 … جوک،لطیفه وطنز،انواع طالع بینی،بیوگرافی وگالری عکس بازیگران،اس ام اس های خنده دار و عاشقانه،مطالب جالب،اخبار سینما تلویزیون،ورزشی ،آی ……/featured-themes-vi-christmas-edition/ – Cached – Similar […]

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