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Is your network banner looking weird?

Posted on: December 2, 2007

MySpace has been experimenting with that box that says “XXX is in your network” and is causing the layout to look weird. It’s adding some weird space around and above the graphic like below:

MySpace glitch

We are not sure if this is a permanent thing or MySpace just messing around like before. They might revert back the changes since it’s messing up their own layoutfrom their own editor 😀 so we are waiting a bit more to see before we update our code on our site. But ifyou would like to fix it manually, paste this code in the “Who I’d like to meet” box (UPDATED: 12/3 3:21 PST):

.a {fix extended network border}   
table table td.text table { border-collapse:collapse;  margin-top:-10px; } 

td.text table.blurbs,  
td.text table.latestBlogEntry,
td.text table.friendSpace, 
td.text table.friendsComments,
table table td.text table table,
table.friendSpace td.text table, 
table.friendsComments td.text table { border-collapse:separate; margin-top:0px; }
.extendedNetwork { margin-bottom:-11px; } 

.a { ie fix } 
* html .extendedNetwork { position:relative; margin-bottom:-5px; }
* html table table td.text table td { padding:0;} 
* html table table td.text table td table td { padding:0 !important;}  
* html td.text table.blurbs td,  
* html td.text table.latestBlogEntry td,
* html td.text table.friendSpace td, 
* html td.text table.friendsComments td,
* html table.friendSpace td.text table td, 
* html table.friendsComments td.text table td {
  padding: 0 26px 15px 26px; 

Thanks to Heathaaa! for helping fix this mess 🙂 The details for this code can be read on this thread. Hope this helps!


7 Responses to "Is your network banner looking weird?"


Now my Friends Space and my Comments section is out of whack.


Hi Tammy, I updated the code to fix people who have their friend’s space on the bottom. Make sure you delete them once MySpace reverts back which I’m hoping they will do very soon… hurry up MySpace! 😀

You are a genius! Looks much better!

I’m So0 Pr3tTy 4 uUp!!!

this was a life saver. i was litteraly ready to close my acct and start over. my extended network banner had a pink border constantly…… but when i applied the same code to my sons profile it didn’t have that pink border. i was ready to scream. thanks so much.

this is no longer working for me…. help

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