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We are proud to present Lost John as our new featured CoolChaser! Congratulations!

Lost John has been a CoolChaser since the end of August and he’s been creating many beautiful themes especially for Halloween andย  Christmas! He’s also a very active member on our forum helping out with the CoolChaser community.

We also just started to nominate the next candidate to be featured on our forum, so if you would like to nominate your favorite theme artist, or somebody who you think deserves to be recognized by the community, go to this thread right now~! Or you can leave a comment to this blog. Make sure you have a link to that person’s page with all the themes and layouts so everybody can see their work ๐Ÿ™‚

Currently the people who are being nominated are:

1) marileejean nominated by Heather

2) Starla nominated by Lost John

3) Tammy nominated by Sachiko

If you don’t see your favorite theme artist here, let them know that you love their work by nominating them ๐Ÿ™‚


We are saddened to have received a legal notice from Continental Enterprises acting on behalf of Hansen Beverage, the company that produces Monster brand energy drinks.

Basically, they are requiring that we remove all Monster backgrounds that CoolChaser users have submitted on our site.

Frankly, we are quite perplexed by their actions – why would a company want to piss off some 4,000 of, in their own words, Hansen’s most passionate and devoted enthusiasts? We have tried to come up with creative alternatives and suggested that we offer CoolChaser users the opportunity to replace their backgrounds with “official” ones created by Hansen, but they declined.

So, I’m sorry to say we have to comply to Continental and Hansen’s demands. For each of the 4,000 odd users who are affected, we will be individually sending you an email notifying of this incident. You can of course change your layout by simply visiting our layout editor:

If you have further questions or would like to contact Hansen, please write to

Thank you for using CoolChaser!

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