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Featured Themes V – Halloween Edition

Posted on: October 11, 2007

It’s almost Halloween and many people have been putting together sooo many great themes and layouts! Let me introduce some that I found and liked 🙂

Halloween Lg Prnt Generic01 by Lost John

Halloween Lg Prnt Generic01 by Lost John

Lost John has created so many great Halloween themes and layouts only in couple weeks or so! He is also very active on our forum so go check out his list on this thread! You won’t see it on this picture here but in the actual layout the skeleton is pretty creepy because it’s slowly swinging…. AAAAAA! I can almost hear that theme song from the “Halloween” movie! Ten ten ten ten ten ten…. You can check out all of his themes and layout on his profile page 🙂 So many to choose from!

Witch by †åmm¥

Witch by Tammy

As †åmmÂ¥ is the queen of horror layouts, you can bet that her Halloween theme rocks too! Like many of her other themes, you don’t need to select any background as it is a complete layout without it, but of course you can add your favorite Jack o Lantern background to it to make your original!

Come Here by CHAMORITA

Come Here by CHAMORITA

Another queen of themes is of course the one and only CHAMORITA! It is just sooo hard to pick only one from all her great themes! I just discovered her Mushroom theme and was totally getting high LOL! Basically you just can’t go wrong with her themes. She is also our new featured CoolChaser both on the homepage and the people page 🙂

ALL HALLOWS EVE by *F0r3v3r_H4unt3d*

ALL HALLOWS EVE by *F0r3v3r_H4unt3d*

What a fun Halloween layout! Here I combined it with “ghost wallpaper” and found a colorful background that matches it 🙂 Love it!

Halloween!!! by @shley >>{needs Xs and Os!!!}

Halloween!!! by @shley >>{needs Xs and Os!!!}

Sooo cute! XD If you want more anime style Halloween layouts, this is definitely for you! I’m not exactly sure who the character is (yes, I’m not otaku enough) so if someone knows who it is, let me know 🙂

Naruto Halloween by Brandi

Naruto Halloween by Brandi

For Naruto fans such as me! You might be thinking anything related to Naruto gets featured here! 😀 Anyway.. is that… Kakashi without his mask?! Ten ten ten ten ten ten…

And good news people! We are currently working on pushing out the search feature for the themes! So in the future you can just search for “thanksgiving” or “christmas” and you will be able to search for it and get the results rather than clicking the next button many many times!

Happy Halloween to everyone!


7 Responses to "Featured Themes V – Halloween Edition"

they are all so cool and pretty keep up the good work!!!

Thanks for featuring me again! I LOVE your website!


Hi Imelda, thanks for the kind words! Hope you find a good one that suits you 🙂

Hi Tammy, yes I could not resist but to feature yours because I just love all of your themes!

Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it. I have made several more since the hanging skeleton, including some non-Halloween themes. Meantime, have a great day, and a better one tomorrow. oh, and Happy Halloween.

Actually, double thanks. The hanging skeleton is now, by far, the most used of my themes. It is on 66 layouts, thanks to being mentioned here.

Hi LostJohn, you are the king of Halloween layouts! How can I not feature you 😉 I think you made the most Halloween layouts on our site even more than CHAMORITA!

Good night, Happy Happy haloween!!

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