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A Peep Under the Hood

Posted on: October 1, 2007

Ever wonder what powers the CoolChaser website?

From it’s humble origin as a one-server website, traffic on CoolChaser has surged to the extent that currently, a cluster of no fewer than 11 virtual servers are required to fulfill user requests at peak hours. On a typical day at present, CoolChaser embeds over 40,000 layouts! As a Web 2.0 site, CoolChaser serves out a very high proportion of user generated, individualized content, which in turn calls for a lot of processing power.

As you might have guessed, our site runs almost entirely on Amazon Web Services EC2 and S3 infrastructure. In our opinion, the EC2-S3 combination is the perfect companion to our growth strategy. The main benefits of EC2-S3, from our point of view, are unrivaled flexibility and scalability, while valued end users like yourselves will enjoy better website reliability and quick responses even during peak hours.

On the software side, the CoolChaser app is developed on Ruby-On-Rails. Ruby and Rails are one potent combination. It’s the best out there for our purposes in our humble opinion. No way would we have been able to develop an app of this complexity, with so little resource, in such a short time. For a more complete writeup of the software we use, refer to this link.


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