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Have you created your CoolChaser layout couple of months ago? Then do you see all your text jumbled up on Firefox? Like this:


If so, we have updated all the code on our site for any newly created layouts, so please recreate the layout and reinsert it.

If you would like to just updated it manually, put this code after the <coolchaser> code in your about me box, or the who I’d like to meet box.

<style>table table tr td {line-height:1.4em;}</style>

And you should be fine!

Another thing you migh see is all your friend’s link on a seperate line like this:

View Gotham’s Friends:

All |

Online |


If so, try putting this code after the <coolchaser> code in your about me box or the who I’d like to meet box:


a.redlink:active, a.redlink:visited, a.redlink:link { display:inline; }

.friendSpace br { line-height:0; }


Just wanted to let you know of how to fix this if you created your layout a while ago 🙂


It’s almost Halloween and many people have been putting together sooo many great themes and layouts! Let me introduce some that I found and liked 🙂

Halloween Lg Prnt Generic01 by Lost John

Halloween Lg Prnt Generic01 by Lost John

Lost John has created so many great Halloween themes and layouts only in couple weeks or so! He is also very active on our forum so go check out his list on this thread! You won’t see it on this picture here but in the actual layout the skeleton is pretty creepy because it’s slowly swinging…. AAAAAA! I can almost hear that theme song from the “Halloween” movie! Ten ten ten ten ten ten…. You can check out all of his themes and layout on his profile page 🙂 So many to choose from!

Witch by †åmm¥

Witch by Tammy

As †åmmÂ¥ is the queen of horror layouts, you can bet that her Halloween theme rocks too! Like many of her other themes, you don’t need to select any background as it is a complete layout without it, but of course you can add your favorite Jack o Lantern background to it to make your original!

Come Here by CHAMORITA

Come Here by CHAMORITA

Another queen of themes is of course the one and only CHAMORITA! It is just sooo hard to pick only one from all her great themes! I just discovered her Mushroom theme and was totally getting high LOL! Basically you just can’t go wrong with her themes. She is also our new featured CoolChaser both on the homepage and the people page 🙂

ALL HALLOWS EVE by *F0r3v3r_H4unt3d*

ALL HALLOWS EVE by *F0r3v3r_H4unt3d*

What a fun Halloween layout! Here I combined it with “ghost wallpaper” and found a colorful background that matches it 🙂 Love it!

Halloween!!! by @shley >>{needs Xs and Os!!!}

Halloween!!! by @shley >>{needs Xs and Os!!!}

Sooo cute! XD If you want more anime style Halloween layouts, this is definitely for you! I’m not exactly sure who the character is (yes, I’m not otaku enough) so if someone knows who it is, let me know 🙂

Naruto Halloween by Brandi

Naruto Halloween by Brandi

For Naruto fans such as me! You might be thinking anything related to Naruto gets featured here! 😀 Anyway.. is that… Kakashi without his mask?! Ten ten ten ten ten ten…

And good news people! We are currently working on pushing out the search feature for the themes! So in the future you can just search for “thanksgiving” or “christmas” and you will be able to search for it and get the results rather than clicking the next button many many times!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

UPDATE: CoolChaser is back up following a successful server upgrade. Thanks all for your patience.


CoolChaser will not be available at 3.30am PDT Oct 9th 2007 for around 90 minutes, as we do a server upgrade to speed up our databases. Sorry for the short notice and check this blog for updates!

As some of you may have noticed, we are showing Nabbr videos on our home page and other parts of the site. There are many reasons why we chose to work with Nabbr and why we are excited with this new development.

Nabbr offers us some hip, original content. I’ve never heard of the bands that Nabbr is representing, but I sure dig their music 🙂

Next, Nabbr helps CoolChaser stay free (yes, Nabbr actually pays us 🙂 and offsets our rapidly exploding server hosting fees as we’ve become surprisingly popular (thank you!)

Finally, we’re still figuring out what next to work on at CoolChaser (besides fixing bugs and making the site more reliable!). From your feedback, we hear that you want to integrate more videos, slideshows and other widgets, and that you want to be able tweak everything. The Nabbr widget represents our first initial experiment into this brave new widget world.

Let us know what widgets you love, what you hate and what widget you wished someone would just get busy developing…if this list becomes popular, we may start a permanent page of popular widgets…

Last week CoolChaser had the 1,000,000th person create a layout! Woo Hoo! One Million! That’s HUGE! How huge? Can you imagine that in dollars? That’s one million dollars! That’s a lot of money right? Now imagine that in people! Yeah, that’s how huge it is! Woo Hoo!

The honorable 1,000,000th person who created a layout was.. (drum rolls)


But of course, Twister couldn’t have become the one millionth user without all the other 999,999 CoolChasers, and I’m sure he would like to thank all of you guys for making this come true! Right, Twister? wink wink … OK, I’m not sure if he wants to thank you all but we, the whole CoolChaser crew would definitely like to thank ALL OF YOU for using CoolChaser and being such a great fan! So here’s is for all of you guys!

We would especially like to thank those people who come back to the site every month every week or everyday! to create layouts and themes and spreading the word to their friends! Thank you so so so much for your trust, love and support! CoolChaser has had its ups and downs but this makes ALL WORTH IT! We hope to keep making you happy and let us know of any feedback, suggestions, and comments to make the site even better 🙂

p.s. thanks glitter-graphics for the glitter graphics 🙂

Ever wonder what powers the CoolChaser website?

From it’s humble origin as a one-server website, traffic on CoolChaser has surged to the extent that currently, a cluster of no fewer than 11 virtual servers are required to fulfill user requests at peak hours. On a typical day at present, CoolChaser embeds over 40,000 layouts! As a Web 2.0 site, CoolChaser serves out a very high proportion of user generated, individualized content, which in turn calls for a lot of processing power.

As you might have guessed, our site runs almost entirely on Amazon Web Services EC2 and S3 infrastructure. In our opinion, the EC2-S3 combination is the perfect companion to our growth strategy. The main benefits of EC2-S3, from our point of view, are unrivaled flexibility and scalability, while valued end users like yourselves will enjoy better website reliability and quick responses even during peak hours.

On the software side, the CoolChaser app is developed on Ruby-On-Rails. Ruby and Rails are one potent combination. It’s the best out there for our purposes in our humble opinion. No way would we have been able to develop an app of this complexity, with so little resource, in such a short time. For a more complete writeup of the software we use, refer to this link.

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