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Are your contents being cut off?

Posted on: September 6, 2007

UPDATE: Heey, listen people~ we have been rescued! Heathaaa! has figured out how to solve this problem!

Just put:

<style> *html table table table { height: .01%; }</style>

AFTER the CoolChaser code. If you have it in your “about me” box, put it at the end of that, if it’s in your “who I’d like to meet” put it at the end of that box and that should fix the problem like a magic! How does it work? Let’s go ask Microsoft as it is an Internet Explorer only bug! LOL

This is going to be fixed for ALL LAYOUTS IN THE FUTURE once we update our code on the site so come back and create another layout again maybe tomorrow. But in the meantime, you can try to do this manually if you can’t wait 🙂

So, people, you can ignore whatever junk is written below here. But if you are curious, you can see how helplessly I was trying to figure out this bug ;P Thanks for helping me out Heathaaaaaaaaa…!!



UPDATE: It seems like having an opacity on the table causes the problem, but once it’s on the table cells, it seems to work. Let me look into it a bit more, and let me know if you find anything that works 🙂

I’ve been receiving emails from people saying that the layouts they inserted seemed fine couple of days ago, but then all of the sudden starting around yesterday, some of their contents inside the “About Me” box, the extended network box, and their friends’ space are being cut off. It tries to load the whole page, and once it looks like it’s been completed, poof! part of the layout just disappears.

After some investigation, there seems to be something weird with MySpace’s “online now” javascript that is causing some conflict with the opacity code in the layout.

The opacity code looks something like this:


This code sets the transparency level on your layout. So, the number inside indicates that the layout is 80% see-through.

There has been a problem before here and there if you have tons and tons of widgets on your page. The page tries to load all the widgets but then all of the sudden goes like “ARRRH! I can’t take it anymo!” and cuts off the content. By just taking out some widgets, the page used to act fine. But now, even when I tried putting just a plain code with the opacity and without any widgets or anything, my page still cuts off some of my content.

So hurry up and tell me how to fix this? 😀 Yeah yeah, I know I know, here are some of the things I tried and seemed to work for me.

1) The right way: deleting the Opacity code.

Find this code


and delete it from your layout. (n is the number that varies depending on the transparency level of your layout) An easy way to do this is to copy everything from your “About me” box, and then paste it into Word or any other text editor. Then search for “filter:alpha” and you will find part of the code above. Delete the whole line and things should work normal. HOWEVER, as you have noticed, your layout won’t be see-through anymore. That’s the sad thing about this method.

Hey, but don’t despair! I found a mystery way to do it…

2) Mystery way: Put this code


at the END of your “who I’d like to meet” box on your Edit Profile. I have absolutely know idea why, but I had several of demo pages, and the one that had this code didn’t seem to cut off the content. WEIRD! It might not work for you, but just give it a try. EDIT: Sometimes the content still disappears after you hover over some elements. I’ll look into it a bit more to find out if there’s a better solution.

Hope this helps!


17 Responses to "Are your contents being cut off?"

Hey I am missing the bottom half of my interests on my myspace page and when I copied and pasted this code on my profile its not changing anything. I still cant see anything what do I need to do??

Hi Whitney, I don’t see the code

*html table table table { height: .01%; }

in your profile, maybe you didn’t paste it?

YAY! I’m glad everything worked out 🙂

Help please! It didn’t work. It only worked part way. The code is at the bottom of my about me section. What went wrong? Why didn’t the code make the layout show through my whole profile? Is it b/c i had previously used the myspace profile editor? How can I fix this?

Hey Rockin Rita, your MySpace Profile is leaking through so yeah, you have to go back to them and hit “clear all.” Hope I answered your question.

Hey Heathaaa! Yeah, it’s working great! Thank you~~~!!! I must have spent like 5, 6 hours figuring this out. People, let’s just stop using Internet Explorer~ and use Firefox~!! 😀

Just an FYI to everyone. The MySpace Profile Editor ONLY works with Internet Explorer. So if you don’t see the buttons when you click on their editor, make sure you are using the right internet browser first.

Like Sachiko said: If you used the MySpace Profile Editor you have to go in there and hit “clear all” or it will mess up your beautiful layout you make here!!

Well the cut off problem is fixed. Now there is a new one though, after I inserted the code my font changed, my background is black, now my font is black and orange? How can this be fixed I want red font.

After I put in the cut off code my whole background code is showing?!!!

Weird problem fixed. Thanks anyways. lol.

I chose a layout from your site and when I go and view my profile page on myspace, I noticed that some of my image is missing and not showing in the In Your Extended network box. I chose the worship layout. Is there someway Is there anyway that this could be fixed so I may view the whole image when I’m viewing my profile page?


Hi Jeff, did you just create a layout today? This problem should be fixed with all the new layouts, but not the one you created before yesterday. I tried it out and my contents are not being cut off anymore.

Yes Sachiko, it was created today. Do I have to do anything to fix it?


Hey Jeff,
Can you send me the link to your profile so I can look at it? I’ll try to help you! 🙂
You can message me on


I changed my layout to one from your page, but when I insert a font generator, it does not apply the new font and color. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi Mike, some other generators from other sites might not be compatible with our site. The best way is to go to out theme editor from your “my themes” link and modify to your like.

Hope this helps!

Hey Mike,

You could try putting your code from the font generator AFTER the coolchaser code in your ‘ABOUT ME’. But, like Sachiko said, code from other sites might not be compatible.

When you use the theme editor there is an option to ‘load template’ on the right side towards the top. You can pick whatever theme you like and change it up a little to meet your needs (including fonts).

Have fun!

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