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We just released a shiny new forum for CoolChaser! If you need layout help or just want to chat with the other members, go check it out πŸ™‚

The link to the forum is http://forums.coolchaser.comΒ 


Hope people are enjoying all the great themes as we now have 16,162 themes! It feels like yesterday when we used to get feedbacks “you need more themes!” πŸ˜€ That’s when we had only 12 themes… We would like to thank all the great theme creators for their great design skills! As always, let me introduce some great themes I discovered.

Tiny Layout Nike Dunks theme by Heathaaa!

tiny layout

Look ma, a tiny layout! Isn’t this awesome? I combined it with a skateboard background and love the way I can see the dude’s nike mark on his shoe! This is one of the ONLY TWO tiny themes we have, the other is the ipod tiny theme that is pretty tight too! Go check it out! All created by Heathaaa! who is my idol~ xoxoxo!

Yellow theme by CHAMORITA


CHAMORITA has created so many cool themes (66 and counting!) ranging from mermaids, abstract, Louis Vuitton and much much more! This one is one of my favorite as it is so elegant and sophisticated. Here I combined it with a background I found using “black yellow” keyword on the Flickr engine. Try with other backgrounds and see what works (and let me know) πŸ˜€

49ers 2007 by Im Doin Just Fine Without You In My Life

49ers theme

Football season has come! …OK, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know much about football since I watch Naruto DVDs too often, but I do know what my local football team is – the 49ers! This is a great theme that matches perfectly with a background of their team logo. You could also combine it with your favorite 49ers player, be creative! There are lots of other great NFL themes so go check them out!

soft notebook in black by bibesβ„’

notebook theme

This is a relatively new theme I found and liked immediately! It is similar to the existing stationery theme but better! Here I combined it with a search result from “high school musical wallpaper” which at the end wound up a Ashley Tisdale layout. Ashley, use this on your MySpace page! πŸ˜€

I want to introduce so much more but running out of time. Since we don’t have the search theme feature, I know it’s hard for you all to find specific themes and as we have been sooooo busy with so many other things now, it might not be done until end of October or November 😦 But in the meantime, I’ll continue to hand pick some of the themes that caught my eye, and also, if you have any themes that you like, let’s share! πŸ™‚

Also Halloween is coming up soon! If you see or create a great theme or layout share it with other people~!

UPDATE: Heey, listen people~ we have been rescued! Heathaaa! has figured out how to solve this problem!

Just put:

<style> *html table table table { height: .01%; }</style>

AFTER the CoolChaser code. If you have it in your “about me” box, put it at the end of that, if it’s in your “who I’d like to meet” put it at the end of that box and that should fix the problem like a magic! How does it work? Let’s go ask Microsoft as it is an Internet Explorer only bug! LOL

This is going to be fixed for ALL LAYOUTS IN THE FUTURE once we update our code on the site so come back and create another layout again maybe tomorrow. But in the meantime, you can try to do this manually if you can’t wait πŸ™‚

So, people, you can ignore whatever junk is written below here. But if you are curious, you can see how helplessly I was trying to figure out this bug ;P Thanks for helping me out Heathaaaaaaaaa…!!



UPDATE: It seems like having an opacity on the table causes the problem, but once it’s on the table cells, it seems to work. Let me look into it a bit more, and let me know if you find anything that works πŸ™‚

I’ve been receiving emails from people saying that the layouts they inserted seemed fine couple of days ago, but then all of the sudden starting around yesterday, some of their contents inside the “About Me” box, the extended network box, and their friends’ space are being cut off. It tries to load the whole page, and once it looks like it’s been completed, poof! part of the layout just disappears.

After some investigation, there seems to be something weird with MySpace’s “online now” javascript that is causing some conflict with the opacity code in the layout.

The opacity code looks something like this:


This code sets the transparency level on your layout. So, the number inside indicates that the layout is 80% see-through.

There has been a problem before here and there if you have tons and tons of widgets on your page. The page tries to load all the widgets but then all of the sudden goes like “ARRRH! I can’t take it anymo!” and cuts off the content. By just taking out some widgets, the page used to act fine. But now, even when I tried putting just a plain code with the opacity and without any widgets or anything, my page still cuts off some of my content.

So hurry up and tell me how to fix this? πŸ˜€ Yeah yeah, I know I know, here are some of the things I tried and seemed to work for me.

1) The right way: deleting the Opacity code.

Find this code


and delete it from your layout. (n is the number that varies depending on the transparency level of your layout) An easy way to do this is to copy everything from your “About me” box, and then paste it into Word or any other text editor. Then search for “filter:alpha” and you will find part of the code above. Delete the whole line and things should work normal. HOWEVER, as you have noticed, your layout won’t be see-through anymore. That’s the sad thing about this method.

Hey, but don’t despair! I found a mystery way to do it…

2) Mystery way: Put this code


at the END of your “who I’d like to meet” box on your Edit Profile. I have absolutely know idea why, but I had several of demo pages, and the one that had this code didn’t seem to cut off the content. WEIRD! It might not work for you, but just give it a try. EDIT: Sometimes the content still disappears after you hover over some elements. I’ll look into it a bit more to find out if there’s a better solution.

Hope this helps!

Update: The deployment went smoothly and was over in 20 minutes. Do less us know if you see any glitches tho’. Thanks!


CoolChaser will not be available at 11pm PDT Sep 5th 2007 for under an hour, as we do a server upgrade. We are working on providing attribution to flickr users on the Myspace profile itself. We also provide a link to where the original image was sourced on any of the search engines we provides interfaces for (google, yahoo and flickr), so that users can better determine if they have the right to use the image on the profiles.

More fixes to come, so stay tuned!

Update: We did an emergency patch to our code to search for only Creative Commons licensed Flickr images and to attribute the flickr user of the image selected. We’re still looking into how we can insert an attribution in the Myspace profile itself (this will take more time).


We’ve gotten several messages that our CoolChaser tool is enabling the copyright violation of Flickr users. I now realize that we could have coded our tool to more specifically list only images of Flickr users that allow sharing and to properly attribute such users. This was on my todo list and I apologize for not implementing it sooner. I appreciate that some Flickr users have chosen the Creative Commons license to share their photos to varying degrees, and that Flickr actually does allow us to filter for only such photos. Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention. Rest assured this matter has my highest attention now, and we’re looking to fixing this in the next few days.

We’re looking to build better tools to avoid copyright violations, but in the mean time please make sure the background you use don’t violate any applicable copyright laws.

Please drop me a line if you have constructive ideas about what we should change. You can follow also the Flickr discussion thread.

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