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Featured Themes III

Posted on: August 25, 2007

OK, I couldn’t resist introducing more themes because the qualities are getting better and better everyday.🙂

NY city at night theme by Μαℜκ [Im Home YAY]


One of the greatest city layouts I’ve seen! It uses a similar technique I used for the Gotham theme (ahem), the image is placed on the top and seamlessly continues to a black background rather than just repeating it over and over. Love it!

emo love theme by Living On the Edge

emo love

AWWWW, how cute is this emo love🙂 I like all the emo themes in general because I’m soooo emo too (is there an age limit to call youself emo? LOL) I really like the heart background and the black and white photos used.. very well composed!🙂

psp3 theme by Snake Suderland


Snaaaake, it’s not over yet! (shouts Liquid Snake) Ok, I’m a huge Metal Gear fan but that’s not the only reason why I chose this theme. I mean, look at the details! Look at the headers! And all the unified greyish tone! It’s absolutely perfect! I matched it with the premade mesh background and it worked out great!

Dark Beauty theme by ♥BITCH♥

dark beauty

Another beautiful dark theme! It’s very hard to make a layout using images for every element (boxes, headers, contact table, network table), but this theme manages to make them work all together extremely well!

The themes I introduce here are pretty much my personal preference so it might not be the most popular but hope you enjoy them and discover other great themes on our site🙂

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ana bade aser emo ok bae

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