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Featured Themes II

Posted on: August 21, 2007

Heeeey people! Like I promised in my previous entry, I found some more cool themes so would like to introduce them to you guys.

pink bunny theme by *Kimberly* ~ Azreal’s mommy

Pink bunny

*Kimberly* ~ Azreal’s mommy has made lots of other cool themes ranging from not only cute but to gothic and sexy (playboy) themes! Many of her themes use animated glitter images very effectively. I personally like this the best – it’s just perfect!

purple theme by ¤Mia¤ is baaack


Not just another purple theme! This beautiful theme by ¤Mia¤ is back works well with a variety of background images. Goth, cute, pinkish, stripes, skulls, socks, music, you name it! You can be really creative with this theme.

unique theme by andrea.[walligator]


As always, let me introduce a relatively new theme created by andrea.[walligator]. I always love to see people exploring with borders and this one totally wins! I tried combining it with a black and white photo of a subway and it worked really well 🙂 So stylish!

grudge theme by Reverend K.


Reverend K. is featured on our people page too as he contributed many movie-inspired themes. Sometimes a theme that is too specific doesn’t get used by people that much (like my Naruto theme :() but we are hoping to add the search feature so people will be able to find these wonderful themes easier.

We also changed the sorting of the themes both on the layout editor and the gallery page. We used to sort it by “how many times the theme was used ever” but changed it to “how many times the theme was used in the last 24 hours.” This makes it much more interesting because even a newly created theme can appear on the first page!

I still have so many more themes that I would love feature to here, but let me do that next time 🙂 If you see a theme that I should feature or if you have created a theme that you think should be featured, let me know!


3 Responses to "Featured Themes II"

Sachiko, I think the link to “*Kimberly* ~ Azreal’s mommy” points to Heathaaa!

Thanks, I fixed it.

Your site provides the facility to use my images held on flickr illegally (outside of copyright and fair use). These images are “All Rights Reserved” and protected by International Copyright Laws. The use of the images is also outside of Flickr’s permitted Terms of Use. As I am the owner of the copyright for all these images, I am formally requesting that you remove the facility to allow the illegal use of my images immediately. Should you require further details, please contact me using the above email address. A dated copy of this message has been retained by myself for reference. You will be given a maximum of 7 working days to fully comply before legal proceedings will begin for copyright infringement.
Yours, Director, Kazam Media Ltd

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