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Theme Editor is officially out!

Posted on: August 8, 2007

(Chao passes the microphone to Sachiko) Thanks Chao for the introduction πŸ™‚ The theme editor is officially out! (clap and applause sign held up) Thank you all for waiting and we are really happy to see that people are already going nuts and creating lots of themes already.

We are hoping you use this theme editor in any way you want! You can create fantastic themes for other users to use, or if you just want to tweak parts of the existing theme and use it all by yourself without sharing, no problem! If you don’t want it to appear on the layout editor or theme editor for others to see, just don’t enter the thumbnail url when saving it. Or, if you wanted to add a different contact table, network table to the existing themes to make it better, go ahead! Just want to tweak the fonts? No problemo! I remember a great man once said “when a user starts to use your application in a way you didn’t expect, that means you got a great product” (forgot who that great man was)

Not inspired? Well, I recorded myself using the theme editor to create the “glitter gold” theme and uploaded to youtube so take a look – you’ll see how easy it was. (sorry, it’s a bit fuzzy and like a silent movie because I forgot to record my voice with it, I’ll do it again later and link it here)



9 Responses to "Theme Editor is officially out!"

hi , i just want to know.. how can i use this software, can i download it ?


Hi Joseph

It’s an online application – no download needed! Just go to the CoolChaser website πŸ™‚

I go to the website but i still get the old editor is any one else having this problem?

the software on coolchaser is pretty cool but i dont have all the option that i see in the video ??

how can i do what you do in the video ??

Hi Joseph, I think you are still using our “layout editor” the one that has “step 1: choose theme”, “step 2: select background” etc… In order to use our theme editor, you need to login on our site (you need to have made at least one layout)and then you’ll see a “My Themes” link on your user page. From there, you will be able to create a theme something like what I showed in the video.

love is life

Your site provides the facility to use my images held on flickr illegally (outside of copyright and fair use). These images are “All Rights Reserved” and protected by International Copyright Laws. The use of the images is also outside of Flickr’s permitted Terms of Use. As I am the owner of the copyright for all these images, I am formally requesting that you remove the facility to allow the illegal use of my images immediately. Should you require further details, please contact me using the above email address. A dated copy of this message has been retained by myself for reference. You will be given a maximum of 7 working days to fully comply before legal proceedings will begin for copyright infringement.
Yours, Richard Horsfield – Director, Kazam Media Ltd

omg i love the new blank look!!!!

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