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OK, I couldn’t resist introducing more themes because the qualities are getting better and better everyday. πŸ™‚

NY city at night theme by ΞœΞ±β„œΞΊ [Im Home YAY]


One of the greatest city layouts I’ve seen! It uses a similar technique I used for the Gotham theme (ahem), the image is placed on the top and seamlessly continues to a black background rather than just repeating it over and over. Love it!

emo love theme by Living On the Edge

emo love

AWWWW, how cute is this emo love πŸ™‚ I like all the emo themes in general because I’m soooo emo too (is there an age limit to call youself emo? LOL) I really like the heart background and the black and white photos used.. very well composed! πŸ™‚

psp3 theme by Snake Suderland


Snaaaake, it’s not over yet! (shouts Liquid Snake) Ok, I’m a huge Metal Gear fan but that’s not the only reason why I chose this theme. I mean, look at the details! Look at the headers! And all the unified greyish tone! It’s absolutely perfect! I matched it with the premade mesh background and it worked out great!

Dark Beauty theme by β™₯BITCHβ™₯

dark beauty

Another beautiful dark theme! It’s very hard to make a layout using images for every element (boxes, headers, contact table, network table), but this theme manages to make them work all together extremely well!

The themes I introduce here are pretty much my personal preference so it might not be the most popular but hope you enjoy them and discover other great themes on our site πŸ™‚


Heeeey people! Like I promised in my previous entry, I found some more cool themes so would like to introduce them to you guys.

pink bunny theme by *Kimberly* ~ Azreal’s mommy

Pink bunny

*Kimberly* ~ Azreal’s mommy has made lots of other cool themes ranging from not only cute but to gothic and sexy (playboy) themes! Many of her themes use animated glitter images very effectively. I personally like this the best – it’s just perfect!

purple theme by Β€MiaΒ€ is baaack


Not just another purple theme! This beautiful theme by Β€MiaΒ€ is back works well with a variety of background images. Goth, cute, pinkish, stripes, skulls, socks, music, you name it! You can be really creative with this theme.

unique theme by andrea.[walligator]


As always, let me introduce a relatively new theme created by andrea.[walligator]. I always love to see people exploring with borders and this one totally wins! I tried combining it with a black and white photo of a subway and it worked really well πŸ™‚ So stylish!

grudge theme by Reverend K.


Reverend K. is featured on our people page too as he contributed many movie-inspired themes. Sometimes a theme that is too specific doesn’t get used by people that much (like my Naruto theme :() but we are hoping to add the search feature so people will be able to find these wonderful themes easier.

We also changed the sorting of the themes both on the layout editor and the gallery page. We used to sort it by “how many times the theme was used ever” but changed it to “how many times the theme was used in the last 24 hours.” This makes it much more interesting because even a newly created theme can appear on the first page!

I still have so many more themes that I would love feature to here, but let me do that next time πŸ™‚ If you see a theme that I should feature or if you have created a theme that you think should be featured, let me know!

Scott Rosenberg reminded me that BarCampBlock is happening this weekend. This is one my favourite unconferences. It’s a spontaneous gathering of geeks looking to share and learn from one another. I attended my first BarCamp two years ago, where it was held at the modest office of a neat startup. This year, it’s still held at those offices, but they’ve also infected the rest of the street block to join in – pretty amazing!

I’ll be showing off CoolChaser in one the lightning demos Sat. evening. If you’ll be in downtown Palo Alto, CA this Sat evening, please drop by and say hi.

Update: deployment was success! Let us know if you see any glitches…

We’re upgrading with speedier code and bug fixes. will be unavailable for under half an hour starting at 10pm PDT Aug 15th 2007.

Well, it’s been 4 days since the release of our theme editor and we currently already have around 280 (including the original 12) public themes!! Now, that’s ALOT in just 4 days! I looked through all the themes and let me introduce some of the themes I personally thought were cool!

LipGloss2 theme by Heathaaa!


Heathaaa! has made so many beautiful themes including the most popular Static White (1951 layouts in 4 days!) but I personally LOVE this lipgloss theme because of its beautiful use of colors and the contact table image. Heathaaa! is also featured on our featured user page so go check it out!

Sepia Static by ~*LizardKitty*~ describes me best

sepia static

~*LizardKitty*~ describes me best has also created lots of beautiful themes and look how artistic this Sepia Static theme is! The picture above is another version with a contact table created by Heathaaa! (thanks Heathaaa!), a collaboration of our two great CoolChasers!

Victorian by Taratata


OK I couldn’t resist introducing this theme… It is so elegant and beautiful! It is really a perfected layout rather than a theme that in fact many people are using it without any background images.

Horror by ~T*A*M*M*Y~


Although this theme is relatively new, I had to list it here because it looks so professional. The color, font, the border and paddings of the headers are just perfection!

I would love to feature more themes every once in a while and if you would like your theme to be featured here, please let me know! πŸ™‚

I also noticed that many people like to use graphics on their contact table but are having a hard time putting the text on it… so we decided to put an option to choose MySpace’s default buttons in case you wanted to use an image without all the text. (message me, add me, etc) So, click the “Show MySpace Default Buttons” on the Contact Table Properties Box to show those buttons.We might have to make this the default as I think 80% of the themes don’t have the buttons 😦

UPDATE: We made the MySpace’s contact buttons to show as default since there were so many layouts without the text on their contact table images (people can’t add you as a friend if you don’t have these buttons). Although we looked though all the public themes, if your theme seem to have double text (meaning, your contact table image already have text and the default MySpace’s buttons are showing at the same time), edit your theme and click the “Hide Myspace Default buttons” on the Contact Table Properties Box.

Since there are so many themes now, we will be introducing a search box and tags for the themes so people don’t have to go through every page to find a theme. Not sure when yet as we have to fix many other bugs first but I thought to let you guys know that we are going to work on it. πŸ™‚

Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback!

(Chao passes the microphone to Sachiko) Thanks Chao for the introduction πŸ™‚ The theme editor is officially out! (clap and applause sign held up) Thank you all for waiting and we are really happy to see that people are already going nuts and creating lots of themes already.

We are hoping you use this theme editor in any way you want! You can create fantastic themes for other users to use, or if you just want to tweak parts of the existing theme and use it all by yourself without sharing, no problem! If you don’t want it to appear on the layout editor or theme editor for others to see, just don’t enter the thumbnail url when saving it. Or, if you wanted to add a different contact table, network table to the existing themes to make it better, go ahead! Just want to tweak the fonts? No problemo! I remember a great man once said “when a user starts to use your application in a way you didn’t expect, that means you got a great product” (forgot who that great man was)

Not inspired? Well, I recorded myself using the theme editor to create the “glitter gold” theme and uploaded to youtube so take a look – you’ll see how easy it was. (sorry, it’s a bit fuzzy and like a silent movie because I forgot to record my voice with it, I’ll do it again later and link it here)


The upgrade went very smoothly. We got it done in less than 30 minutes, woot! However, let us know if you encounter any problems. Thanks!

Sachiko will fill us on the details of this new release tomorrow…

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