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Cranky servers

Posted on: July 23, 2007

Update: Things seem back to normal again (whew!) Thanks for your patience – 1:15pm PDT July 23rd 2007

Sorry, our servers are acting up today – you’re probably experiencing slowness or connection failures – please bear with us as we scramble to fix this.


8 Responses to "Cranky servers"

I want to be able to tweak my blog space. I have used a beach scene and it’s not anywhere to be found among your beach background layouts…strange. But anyhow, I opted to remove it from myspace homepage but I like it as my blog background. It currently is on my blog site… but I want to tweak the print darker. How can I do this. I searched around your site and couldn’t find a place to tweak without having to change my stuff out for a new background. 😦 Looking forward to hearing from you.
Shannon Courtney aka “Miraculous” on myspace

Hi Shannon,

We don’t offer a way to tweak the theme of your layout yet. But we’re working on a theme editor, that will allow you to create your own themes or tweak our existing themes, hopefully that will enable you to fix your layout. Stay tune!

Hi. I have allready stated my problem in an earlier blog, but nothing has been done about it. When I tell your editor to create my myspace, it says: “myspace needs to know you’re human”. There is supposed to be a captcha there, but it loads as a blanck grey box. the refresh button does not work. When I try to load it manually, it won’t work. I can’t log on. Please help.

George: can you report this problem on our feedback form at – it’ll capture your browser, and OS details that may be helpful for us. Also, please include as much details as to how you’re encountering this problem, and if you’ve any success trying CoolChaser on a different computer. I’m a bit stumped because we’ve not heard of anyone else reporting this problem. Thanks,chao

hi i just want to tell you that i can´t see my lay it´s all grey what´s wrong????

Gaby: seems fine to me now and quite a stunning background too! Let me know if you are still having problems…

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