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Like Your Layout?

Posted on: June 25, 2007

We ask users “Like Your Layout?” at a certain point on the CoolChaser site. (you have to try it out to find out where if you still haven’t tried our site!) We started asking since March 21st and so far there were 49,150 (and counting!) comments!!

Initially our intention was to collect feedback from the users so we thought of asking “Comments?” or “Please Leave Feedback” but we didn’t want it to be too formal so decided to go with that rather unusual copy. (Inspired by “Got Milk?”)

Here are some of the comments that made us cry. (in no particular order)

WOW, just WOW. I cant believe it. It is ten-thousands times better now!!! – justin_crazybard


yea dude this site is kool i like it cuz i find exactly wat i want here is stead of being mad by not finding wat the hhell i want to find bro… – Random Hero

This service is great! I spent hours searching the web only to find nothing I liked. I spent 5 minutes here and now I love my profile!!! – Arlene

awesome – that was fun & the best creator I’ve found yet πŸ™‚ – Suzi~Q Bug

thank you guys so very much, tiesto music has gotten me through a lot out here in iraq, so i had to have him as a background. i couldn’t have done it without you, thank you again very mcuh – Andy B

I used to spend hours finding a new layout because my layouts change with my mood. (What’s that say about me?) πŸ™‚ Now I have six perfect ones I made to choose from. – Carly 23

All the family are using your backgrounds, So easy, our son has put us all onto your wonderful service – Wilson Fam

And much much more.. although Chao and I agree that we ask users the right question at the right time, we really didn’t expect to get so many great comments. Thank you for ALL OF YOU for leaving wonderful comments!! We read ALL of the comments and it really drives us to work harder so we can make our users even happier! –

XoXo to ya’ll!

CoolChaser Team

Coming up in the next blog: “You need more theme” πŸ˜€ Stay tuned!


16 Responses to "Like Your Layout?"


I see friends taht have slide shows and was wanting to know how do I make a slideshow I friend did hers in and I love the layout. I would like to be able to do that to my page.

Is there a way to let me know how to do it and not mess up what I have on there already?

I see friends taht have slide shows and was wanting to know how do I make a slideshow I friend did hers in and I love the layout. I would like to be able to do that to my page. My problem is I will need a step by step instruction to do it right.

Is there a way to let me know how to do it and not mess up what I have on there already? Can you help me?

I absolutely love my layout, it perfectly matches me. I used one of your teapots (obvious) but it was exactly the same teapot I have in my homeoffice.Every time someone checks out my space profile, they say Yeah, that’s Cooky. Thanks
you made personal
and easy, I’m a newbie at all this stuff.

Re: Brenda

Do you mean you want to add a Slideshow on your profile? Go to and then you can just paste the code in your profile.

Hi Cooky, thanks for leaving a great feedback! Glad you like your layout πŸ™‚

I am a little frustrated right now b/c there is a new problem. When I go to my myspace page, the layout I put in there is no longer there. ALSO, when I go to see my old layouts, it says 501, internal error. In fact, if I try to go anywhere but when I create a new layout it says this. Then, when I went ot creat a new layout, it would not let me upload any pictures. I’m confused as to why this is. Is something down on the site right now?

Hi Tiffany, I don’t think we have a problem right now on our site, I just tried inserting a layout with my own uploaded background and it worked. Anybody else having the same problem?

Ya, this site is amazing!!! I literally went through 10 myspace editor sites and found nothing!!! My background pwns now!!! lol, thanxs guys and gals!!!

Love my picture in the background of my site, but it is blury, Please help.

@ZRod, just wanted to say thanks for the comments!

@Donna, try using a picture with a better resolution:)

You Guys Are DEFINITELY What’s Up. I didn’t know it could be so easy and simple to get your layout right. But it is, and y’all made it that way. And thanx to you, my layout is better than anything I could have dreamed or imagined. Now, I can network and conduct business without fear of inadequacy or embarassment.

Thank You,

P.S.- I will be referring friends to you guys as well.

hi. I have produced a really cool page, but when i go to upload it, myspace wants to know if i’m human. the picture with letters and squiggles does not load, and the refresh option doesn’t work. when i try to log into coolchasers and do it manually, my layouts do not appear, the log in screen just refreshes. please help!!!

@StayceHustle, thanks so much for your comment! Im glad you liked our site πŸ™‚

@George, I just tried creating a layout (Bjork layout! :)) and it worked so can you give it a try once again? Also if you can’t login, you might not have an account with us yet, or your login info is wrong. Let me know if you are still having problems!

[…] 17th, 2007 As I wrote in my previous entry, one of the most common feedback we get is of course “you guys are great!” (who rolled […]

Hi it is George again. I’m getting the same problems as I described erlier in the blog. The captcha code won’t load. How do I get an account?

put this on my google page

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