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How we “don’t” store your password

Posted on: June 21, 2007

Some people were concerned about providing their MySpace password to us when using our auto insert software. We DON’T store the MySpace password anywhere on our servers and we only use them to insert or undo your layout. The thing is, if you are a returning user, you can login to our site using your MySpace password to view your layout history. I hear some people saying “Heeey, wait a minute, you say you don’t store our passwords, but how are we still able to login to your site using them if you don’t keep them?”

Well let me explain how and it’s pretty straight forward.

When users enter their password to login to our site, we encrypt their password and match it against the encrypted version of the password that we do store on our servers. We have no ability to unencrypt the password, and as far as we know, neither does anybody else (except maybe NSA!). Thus, this is just to uniquely identify the user to show them their history and link them to their myspace account. So, even if hackers get access to our database, they have no ability to retrieve/decrypt any passwords (and neither do we).

Still don’t believe me? 🙂 OK, here’s a screenshot of how the passwords are encrypted.

encrypted password

It’s a pretty interesting technology and let me tell you something interesting. I have many MySpace demo accounts to showcase some of the example layouts using our editor and I use the same password for all of them 😀 You would think all the encrypted one would look the same right? WRONG! They all look different so I have no way of retrieving it myself when I get amnesia 🙂


22 Responses to "How we “don’t” store your password"

This is pretty interesting, Convinced me stragiht away =]

my old password doesnt work on myspace anymore i cant log in ..did you guys change it if so what is it

i lost my password! i don’t want to lose the chosed background that i have now. the last time i had lost a pasword on another coolchaser account; you said you could link us together, which you did, but you lost all aaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllll my layouts. why is that? is there anyway to avoid that. what’s the use? why not open a new one if you can’t keep our past layouts? please let me know if you can keep the background that i have. thank you.

Hi wayoutwest aunt shella, each account is tied to the email, so as long as your email is the same, all your layouts should be still there. Unfortunately, if you changed your email, then we don’t have a way to link that account and the new one. So, make sure you stick to ONE EMAIL and then all your layouts will be there all the time.

I’m trying to upload a new layout and it appears to be working for about 10 seconds and then something grabs it and it goes partially back to the other previous layout without any visible text or boxes

Why dont you just give us the codeeeeeeeee?

This is pretty interesting, Convinced me stragiht away =]

I was able to log in this morning ..about 4-5hrs ago. Now I can’t and I don’t want to create a new profile because the layout I had I only want to edit! Please help!

i lost my password to and i made a new myspace i was just wondering if you could give me the password so that i can read all the messeges and catch along on that myspace even though it was like 2 years ago i lost it please and thank-you!

well i used this for my layout & now it wont let me on my myspace. They changed my password on me. & im not too happy right now

Hi Kim

As you read from our blog entry, we have no way of retrieving users passwords. Therefore, we have no way of changing it either. It is very wrong of you to accuse people from just pure bias and assumptions too. If we were doing any dirty business, we won’t be as popular as we would had been shut down a long time ago. Please view our traffic details:

This info may help you understand that many users are indeed happy with our service and that we have been running for more than an year. Let me know if you have further inquiries.

hey i gotta problem my real email is every time i go to log on to go to my themes its say application error (rails)so what do i do can it be saved i need to no this please help….

You guys are full of shit noone give them your password if this wasnt a scam they would just give you the codes.


i want to create a new profile but i can’t get in please help me

I have been trying to make a layout and every time I put my name and password in it says it invalid log in. I have set up a back ground already so that isn’t a problem please help.

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